Coal mine “Evtinskiy”

Russian Coal Kuzbass - coal mine Evtinskiy

The coal mine “Evtinskiy” was put into operation in 1993. It is located in the district Belovo of the Kemerovo region and processes coal reserves of “Karakan” coalfield. This open-pit mine produces the coal of rank “D”.

At “Evtinskiy”, auto transportation development system is used. In the mining works the following excavator brands are involved: EKG-5A, HITACHI EX-1900, Komatsu PC-750. As technological transport dump trucks BelAZ with carrying capacity of 130 and 55 tons are used.
Production capacity of this open-pit mine is 1 million tons a year.

Mined coal is transported from the coalface to the warehouse equipped with a mobile griddle, and after processing, the product is shipped to customers. Products produced on “Evtinskiy” are represented by the following ranks of coal: DPK, DOMSSH, DR.
In the nearest future, it is planned to involve the mining of new section “New Evtinsky” and increase the production capacity of the coal mine.