Amur region develops coal production

In the first half of 2016 coal miners of Amur region produced more than 1,5 million tons of coal. The main consumers of brown steam coal from Erkovetsky and Severo-Vostochniy coal mines are CHPs and power generating companies of the region.

Production volume of Erkovetsky and Severo-Vostochniy coal mines is now 100 thousand tons more than the same period last year. The productivity was increased because of the update of mining equipment. Coal mines received new self-propelled drilling rig and buses.

Amur region was the first place in Soviet Union where open-pit mining started in 1932. Now much attention is paid to reclamation of cultivated land.

Besides Erkovetsky and Severo-Vostochniy coal mines the assets of Russian Coal Group in Amur region include mechanical repair plant, training and educational center and motor depot. Coal reserves of the mines are 572 million tons. More than 1700 miners are working in Amur region.