The enterprise “Russian Coal” in the Amur region expands the fleet of excavator equipment

A new Caterpillar-374 hydraulic excavator was put into operation at the Yerkovetsky section of JSC “Amurugol” (an asset of the Russian Coal company in the Amur region). The new equipment is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable operation of the operator. It is possible to receive data on its operation in real time thanks to the satellite monitoring system.

The new excavator will be used in the mining operations of the Yerkovetsky section. Due to the mobility and large capacity of the bucket (5 m3), it productively loads coal into railway wagons along a wide front of mining operations, cuts coal reserves, digs ditches, trenches and zumpfs for draining mine workings, and also performs other excavation and loading and transport work on the section.

“The main advantages of this excavator model are high productivity and reliability in operation, including in difficult mining, geological and climatic conditions. Excellent ergonomics and ease of operation allow the driver to work efficiently according to the set work order in the day and night shift, regardless of weather and climatic conditions. Also among the advantages of this excavator can be noted good maintainability and unification. At the enterprises of JSC “Amurugol”, the equipment of this manufacturer has been widely used for more than 14 years,” the representative of the coal company explained.

The renewal of the park of special equipment of the Yerkovetsky section is carried out as part of the implementation of an annual investment program aimed at increasing the production capacity of the enterprise.

In January – September 2022, about 1.6 million tons of brown thermal coal were produced at the Yerkovetsky mine. This is 7% higher than the figures for the same period in 2021, which amounted to 1.5 million tons of fuel.

At the moment, about 30 units of large mining equipment are involved in the Yerkovets section, the company employs over 600 people.

The fuel extracted at the Yerkovetsky section is shipped to large energy companies and housing and communal services structures of the Amur region.


The enterprise “Russian Coal” in the Amur region has increased fuel production by 9 since the beginning of the year%

For 9 months of 2022, the company “Amurugol” (an asset of the holding “Russian Coal” in the Amur region) increased the production of brown thermal coal by 9% compared to the same period in 2021 – from 2.2 to 2.4 million tons.

Solid fuel production is ahead of schedule, the company said.

At the same time, coal production at the Yerkovetsky mine increased by 7% from 1.5 to 1.6 million tons in January – September 2022. As part of the implementation of the investment program in 2022, the company continued to receive new equipment. At the moment, about 30 units of large mining equipment are involved in the Yerkovets section, the company employs over 600 people.

As of the beginning of 2022, the licensed reserves of the Yerkovetsky mine amounted to about 500 million tons of thermal coal, which allows the operation of the mine for more than 180 years. The resources of the entire Yerkovetsky brown coal deposit amount to about 2.0 billion tons, which makes it possible to significantly increase the production capacity of the coal mining enterprise in the future.

B-grade coal produced by Amurugol is used to provide heat and power industry enterprises and the housing and communal services sector of the Amur Region and adjacent regions of the Russian Far East.


Russian Coal has increased its coal production in Khakassia by 25% since the beginning of 2022

In January – September 2022, 2 million tons of D-grade coal were produced at the Kirbinsky mine (an asset of the Russian Coal company in Khakassia). This is 25% more than in the same period last year. Recall that for 9 months of 2021, 1.6 million tons of solid fuel were produced at the enterprise.

In 2022, the implementation of an investment program continues at the Kirbinsky section, within the framework of which new mining equipment is delivered to the enterprise. Thus, three BelAZ dump trucks with a capacity of 130 tons and one BelAZ car with a capacity of 90 tons were put into operation; Komatsu D275A-5 bulldozer and TK-25 wheeled bulldozer. The expansion of the equipment park of the section is aimed, among other things, at further growth of production capacities.

The Kirbinsky section was commissioned in 2018 . The company is working off the reserves of the Bey coal deposit in Khakassia. The balance reserves of the sections of the Kirbinsky section amount to about 350 million tons of fuel.


Russian Coal increased coal production in the Krasnoyarsk Territory by 6% in 9 months of 2022

Russian Coal Company’s Sayano–Partizansky section located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory produced 988 thousand tons of coal-fired thermal coal in January- September 2022. This is 6% higher than the volume of production for 9 months of 2021, which amounted to 931 thousand tons of fuel.

Russian Coal reported that fuel production at the Sayano-Partizansky section is ahead of schedule.

The Sayano-Partizansky section produces high-calorie energy coal of the “G” and “DG” brands. Fuel is extracted in an open way, working off the reserves of the Sayano-Partizansky coal deposit. The company employs about 360 residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Gas coal is one of the universal brands of solid fuel. It belongs to the energy, but it can also be used to get coke. Sayano-Guerrilla thermal coal is in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad – in the Asia-Pacific region. The main export product of the Sayano-Partizansky mine is GOMSSH coal. The caloric content of fuel reaches 6500 calories per kilogram.

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program to expand and upgrade the equipment park of the Sayano-Partizansky mine. In 2022, the company’s park of excavator and bulldozer equipment expanded. The renewal of the equipment park of the section is aimed, among other things, at further growth of production capacities, the company explained.


The enterprise “Russian Coal” planted 27,000 pine seedlings in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The Krasnoyarsk Krayugol company (an asset of the Russian Coal Holding in the Krasnoyarsk Territory) and its Pereyaslovsky Section branch planted 27,692 pine seedlings as part of the biological stage of recultivation of disturbed lands.

On the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, miners have planted an area of 10 hectares. With proper planting, 95% of seedlings will take root — and this is about 26 thousand plants.

Reclamation is the most important work that completes the production process of solid fuel extraction. The restoration of waste lands is carried out at the enterprises of “Russian Coal” on an ongoing basis. This year was no exception.

“This is the second stage of reclamation work carried out at the Pereyaslavsky section. The first one was technical, it included the layout of the surface of disturbed lands (internal dumps). The biological stage of reclamation is carried out no earlier than two years after the first one, and the planting of forest crops is one of the environmental measures aimed at reducing the harmful effects of the coal mine on the environment. The age of the planted seedlings is 2 years, and in the next five years our specialists will observe and take care of the plantings,” explained the representative of the section.

Russian Coal enterprises in the Krasnoyarsk Territory also systematically carry out measures to restore biological resources in water bodies. In 2022, JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal” and the Sayano-Partizansky section together with specialists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Glavrybvod” released about 18 thousand sterlet fry into the Yenisei River.


The largest archaeological site of the Late Bronze Age is being investigated on the territory of the Kirbinsky section

Specialists of the South Siberian branch of the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted an excursion for workers of the Kirbinsky section and their family members and presented the artifacts found. Field work at the Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal Company is carried out as part of planned archaeological excavations for the preservation and study of cultural heritage sites.

For the first time, the company’s employees and their family members became guests of field archaeological work on the territory of the Kirbinsky section. At the invitation of scientists, about 50 people visited the archaeological site, where they saw the direct work of archaeologists, and visited the archaeological camp. In addition, the young guests were even able to try on the role of an archaeologist for themselves and try to clean up the bones found.

The most spectacular part of the tour was a visit to the local “museum”, where the artifacts found were presented. The field exhibition includes various ceramic vessels, bronze rings and bracelets, bone products and much more.

Of particular importance to science, according to experts, is the unexpected discovery of a burial ground of the Late Bronze Age. It was absolutely not noticeable on the surface and was revealed under later mounds and a settlement of the Scythian time. According to Igor Lazaretov, director of the South Siberian branch of the Institute of the History of Material Culture of the Russian Academy of Sciences, this is one of the largest burial grounds of this time on the territory of Khakassia and can number up to 300 burials.

“Since the burial ground was invisible on the surface, it was spared by ancient robbers, many graves contain undisturbed burial equipment – ceramic vessels and bronze products. The main part of the burial ground is planned to be explored next year, and we are already looking forward to new sensations!” the scientist added.

Archaeological excavations on the territory of the Kirbinsky section have been conducted for several years. Archaeologists are gradually exploring the identified objects of archaeological heritage – “Kirba-Stolbovoe-1 parking lot”, “Kirba-Stolbovoe-2 settlement” and “Kirba-Stolbovoe-3 Burial mound”. All the valuable artifacts found, after the restoration work, will be transferred for permanent storage to the Khakass National Museum of Local Lore.


Russian Coal implements automation programs for production processes in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, a modern domestic automated accounting system “1C:ERP Mining Industry” was introduced at the Sayano-Partizansky section (an asset of the Russian Coal company in the Krasnoyarsk Territory). The program is designed for complex automation of operational, managerial and warehouse accounting, as well as enterprise activity planning.

“The ERP production and management process automation project has been successfully operating at the Kirbinsky section in Khakassia for two years. The result of automation was a significant improvement in the quality of technological processes and improvement of the quality of enterprise management. In the future, we plan to implement the system at other enterprises of the holding,” comments Sergey Chernov, Director of the Information Technology Department of the Russian Coal company.

Thanks to ERP, the efficiency of sales management, logistics, repairs and operation of mining equipment has increased, and the efficiency of obtaining up-to-date data allows real-time monitoring of production processes, fuel processing and management of finished products: warehousing, transportation, sale of coal.

Also, a new automated satellite monitoring system “Vialon” has been introduced at the Sayano-Partizansky section. It provides control over the operation of large-sized tires of dump trucks, preventing increased wear, downtime and equipment breakdowns. The program makes it possible to monitor the main operational parameters in real time, receive notifications of the slightest deviations and generate the necessary reports. This makes it possible to prevent emergency situations and, thus, significantly increase the efficiency and safety of production processes.


“Russian Coal” helps to restore the population of “royal” fish in the Yenisei

JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal” and the Sayano-Partizansky section together with specialists of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Glavrybvod” performed work on the artificial reproduction of aquatic biological resources. About 18 thousand sterlet fry were released into the Yenisei River.

Near the village of Selivanikha in the Minusinsky district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the company “Krasnoyarsk Krayugol” and the Sayano-Partizansky mine (assets of the Russian Coal Holding) carried out the stocking of the Yenisei River. As part of the compensation measures, which are held regularly, for the first time, a juvenile sterlet (Acipenser ruthenus) was released with an average piece weight of 1.58 grams in an amount of about 18,000 pieces.

“The sterlet is the smallest representative of the genus of sturgeon in the fresh waters of the Russian Federation, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory it lives in a limited area, and is under threat of extinction. Sterlet has excellent taste qualities, for which it was considered a “royal” fish and was forbidden to catch ordinary people,” the company representative said.

It should be noted that until 2021, inclusive, enterprises produced Siberian sturgeon juveniles (Acipenser baerii) in the Yenisei River.

The release of juveniles of aquatic biological resources by artificial reproduction is carried out regularly as part of compensatory measures aimed at reducing the negative impact on the environment, in particular, water bodies, as a result of the production activities of coal enterprises.


“Amurugol” organized a field performance for the wards of the orphanage “Chance”

It is a good tradition of JSC “Amurugol” to arrange holidays for the pupils of the orphanage “Chance”. This time, an off-site interactive show performance was organized as a gift.

The actors of the visiting theater presented to the children an interactive performance “Visiting a fairy tale” with song and dance competitions. The children also took an active part in interactive games based on various book stories about famous heroes: flying on the core of Baron Munchausen, Teremok, Baba Yaga in a mortar, turnip and much more.

“The children were imbued with the atmosphere of the holiday. They watched with interest and participated in the theatrical program themselves, received a lot of gifts and positive emotions,” said Svetlana Koroleva, director of the RCSSU “Chance”.

At the end of the theatrical program, a surprise was prepared for children – a master class on modeling figures from balls.

We add that “The Raichikhinsky Center for assistance to the family arrangement of children left without parental care, training and support of substitute families “Chance” and “Amur Coal” are long–standing partners. Coal miners support the sponsored organization and help in the implementation of social projects. On the eve of the Miner’s Day, the guys congratulated their bosses on their professional holiday, and the miners conducted a tour of the coal enterprise for the young guests.

You can watch a video greeting from the pupils of the RCSSU “Chance” by following the link:



Employees of the Kirbinsky mine were awarded departmental and corporate awards

In honor of the professional holiday Miner’s Day, a solemn meeting of employees of LLC “Kirbinsky Cut” and a branch of JSC “Russian Coal” Chernogorsk was held. The best employees of the company were awarded well-deserved awards.

For a great personal contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex and many years of conscientious work, the certificate of honor of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation awarded the sampler of the 2nd category of the coal chemical laboratory and the OTC Tatiana Anatolyevna Morozova. The gratitude of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation was awarded to the driver of a passenger car of the administrative and economic department Sergey Chanovich Pak and Head of the Legal Relations Department of the Branch of JSC “Russian Coal” Chernogorsk Nikolai Mikhailovich Smirnov.

For a great personal contribution to the development of the fuel and energy complex and many years of conscientious work, the General Director of the Kirbinsky Section Limited Liability Company was awarded the Miner’s Glory Medal of the III degree Maxim Valeryevich Vinogradov.

For many years of fruitful work, a great personal contribution to the development of the coal industry of the Republic of Khakassia and in connection with the professional holiday, a letter of thanks from the Head of Khakassia was awarded to the loader driver Anton Vasilyevich Bashkov, Head of the section of drainage and treatment of quarry waters Sergey Sergeyevich Titov, excavator driver Sergey Alexandrovich Paul, bulldozer driver Pavel Alekseevich Gavrushenko and the master of the power supply section Evgeny Valentinovich Kotov.

By tradition, a number of employees have been awarded corporate awards and bronze insignia of the Russian Coal company. This is a chemical analysis laboratory assistant Nadezhda Innokentievna Myachina, loading master Andrey Sergeevich Krylov,excavator driver Leonid Anatolyevich Kilizhekov, BelAZ-75131 car driver Dmitry Alexandrovich Vismantnyuk, public relations specialist Drobot Svetlana Olegovna and Head of the Planning and Economic Department of the Branch of JSC “Russian Coal” Chernogorsk Tatiana Vadimovna Bagatova.

Russian Russian Coal JSC commemorative jubilee medal “20 years of activity” was awarded to the Head of the Logistics Department of the Branch of Russian Coal Chernogorsk Shutov Nikolay Nikolaevich and Senior Supply Engineer of the Logistics Department Olga Leonidovna Repina.

The honorary guests of the event were the head of the Baysky district Innokenty Stryapkov and the chairman of the Council of Deputies of the Altai district Raisa Lichargina. They presented certificates to distinguished fellow countrymen – workers of the Kirbinsky section, living in these municipalities. Thus, certificates of honor of the Altai region were awarded : excavator driver Evgeny Mikhailovich Dolinenko, master of the control department Olga Vasilyevna Kolesnikova, BelAZ-75131 car driver Andrey Ilyich Vakhnin, BelAZ-75131 car driver Sergey Sergeevich Tolmachev, car driver (tanker) Yuri Viktorovich Gashev, loader driver Pavel Vladimirovich Bozhenov. Honorary diplomas of the Baysky district were awarded to: electric and gas welder Maxim Yurievich Mamyshev, the driver of the BelAZ-75131 car Viktor Aleksandrovich Malchugov, the driver of the BelAZ-75131 car Ilya Aleksandrovich Makushkin and the driver of the BelAZ-75131 car Oleg Nikolaevich Veselov.

Corporate awards were also awarded. For high professionalism, conscientious, high-quality and responsible performance of their official duties, a letter of thanks from the General Director of LLC “Kirbinsky Section” was awarded to: Dmitry Evgenievich Sunchugashev, Engineer for control and measuring devices and automation of the drainage and treatment of quarry waters, Dmitry Evgenievich Sunchugashev, master of the drainage and treatment of quarry waters Dmitry Mikhailovich Gavrikov, excavator driver Andrey Alexandrovich Morozov, excavator driver Anton Alexandrovich Petrov, the driver of the car BelAZ-75589 Vadim Alexandrovich Rubichev, the driver of the KAMAZ car Alexander G. Bashkirov, bulldozer driver Nikolay Valeryevich Topakov, head of the coal warehouse Lyudmila Yuryevna Biketova.

For a significant personal contribution to the development of the Kirbinsky mine and dedication to the profession, employees whose experience in the coal industry has been counted for decades have been awarded the certificate of merit of the General Director of the enterprise. This is a process engineer of the technical department Morozov Alexander Vasilyevich (work experience in the coal industry for more than 30 years), driver of the BelAZ-75131 car Alexey A. Klyavdin (work experience in the coal industry for more than 30 years), Chief geologist of the geological surveying service Sergey N. Rasskazov (26 years of experience in the coal industry), Deputy Chief Mining Engineer Pykhalov Dmitry Anatolyevich (work experience in the coal industry for more than 20 years).