Russian Coal launched high-tech mine water treatment facilities in Khakassia

In Khakassia, at the Kirbinsky coal mineof the Russian Coal company, fully automated treatment facilities were comissioned by using the innovative Dyclar technology, which cleans quarry waters to the standards of fishing and economic reservoirs. The volume of investments amounted to about 500 million rubles.
In 2021-2024, Russian Coal will invest more than 7 billion rubles in the development of a coal mine.
The company pays special attention to the implementation of environmental programs and the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Khakassia: it finances the creation of the reserve “Lakes of the Koibal Steppe”, conducts environmental actions and environmental protection measures in the region. As part of the restoration of aquatic biological resources, over 75 thousand graylings were released into the Abakan River. The company finances archaeological excavations on the territory of the Kirbinsky section, the investment volume is 92 million rubles.


95 million tons of energy coal was mined at the Pereyaslovsky coal mine located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

95 million tons of energy coal was mined at the Pereyaslovsky company “Russian Coal” located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
The jubilee ton was obtained by the driver of the ECG excavator 5-A No. 2 Igor Grigorievich Nechitailo and Igor Petrovich Zorin, the driver of the 55-ton BelAZ car truck took it out.

The Pereyaslovsky section along with the Abansky and Sayano-Partizansky sections is part of the structure of Krasnoyarsk Kraigol JSC, an asset of the Russian Coal company in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. About 1000 people work at the enterprises of” Russian Coal ” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

“Today, since the beginning of operation of the Pereyaslovsky mine, 95 million tons of coal have been mined. This is a permanet job: excavators open up coal, dump trucks take it out, rotary excavators are loaded into wagons, trains are delivered to consumers. The whole team is already waiting for the production of 100 million tons, which is not far off. Despite of the difficult epidemiological situation in the country and in the world, the staff of our enterprise steadfastly and reliably performs all the tasks set. I am sure that there are no impossible tasks for the miners of the Pereyaslovsky mine, and I am proud of this team, “said Andrey Vaulin, General Director of JSC” Krasnoyarsk Krayugol”.

The Pereyaslovsky section works out the reserves of the Pereyaslovsky brown coal deposit located on the territory of the Rybinsky, Uyarsky and Partizansky districts of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and is one of the largest employers for residents of settlements located in these areas. The company mine brown energy coal by using opencast methods.

“This year there is a positive trend in the global coal market, and the consumption of coal the most affordable energy source in the world is growing. Now the Pereyaslovsky coal mine continues to increase production capacities. According to the results of Q1 2021, coal production at the mine increased by 26% compared to Q1 2020 — from 661 to 831 thousand tons. Pereyaslovsky coal has a high quality, and it is in demand from a variety of consumers, ” said Yevgeny Solonenko, director of the Pereyaslovsky mine.

Pereyaslovsky coal section produces energy coal of the “2B” and “3B” brands, which is characterized by one of the highest caloric content among brown coals of the mainland of the Russian Federation (up to 4,400 kcal/kg). The reserves of the Pereyaslovsky section contain about 260 million tons of coal.

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program for expanding the fleet of equipment of the Pereyaslovsky section, consisting of domestic and foreign mining equipment. Mining works involve walking excavators, electric quarry excavators and hydraulic excavators. Coal loading in railway cars is carried out by high-performance rotary excavators ER-1250.


Russian Russian Coal invests in the development of production in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The Russian Coal Company continues to implement the investment program for the development of productive assets in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. A new excavator, the Liebherr R 9100 was delivered to the Sayano-Partizansky mine which produces coal of the “G” and “DG” marks.

The Liebherr mining excavator R 9100 was developed as an effective solution for loading quarry dump trucks. It is characterized by universality and is adapted to various application conditions. The new equipment will be used for stripping operations.

In 2021, Russian Coal plans to produce 1.3 million tons of hard coal at the Sayano-Partizansky mine. The volume of production at the section for 5 months of 2021 amounted to 470 thousand tons of fuel.

In the future, the production capacity of the Sayano-Partizansky mine will grow to 1.5 million tons of coal per year.

Recall that in 2020, the Russian Coal company increased the shipment of Sayano — Partizansky coal by 11% – to 1.24 million tons, compared to the indicator of 2019. (1.12 million tons).

Due to its high caloric content (more than 6000 kcal/kg), this type of fuel is in demand in the Asia-Pacific region, and is also exported to a number of European countries. Sayano-Partizansky coal is shipped to the needs of large energy companies, large energy suppliers, industrial companies and communal services sector.

According to the results of the 1st quarter of 2021, export deliveries of coal extracted at the Sayano-Partizansky section increased by 24% – to 295 thousand tons.


Russian coal has supplied 58.5 thousand tons of fuel for the needs of the Ministry of Defense since the beginning of the year/

The Russian Coal Company supplies energy coal for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Annually, about 180-200 thousand tons of brown thermal coal with a calorific value of more than 4200 kcal / kg, mined at the Pereyaslovsky site in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, are shipped to the heat supply facilities of the Ministry of Defense in the Amur Region, Khabarovsk Territory and the Jewish Autonomous Region.

In January – May 2021, 58.5 thousand tons of solid fuel were delivered for the needs of the Ministry of Defense, the press service of the Russian Coal Company reported.

Cooperation between Russian Coal and the Ministry of Defense has been going on for about 20 years. The Ministry of Defense selects the company as its supplier in a number of regions of the Russian Far East on the basis of a government resolution.

“Russian Coal considers the Ministry of Defense to be one of the key partners. During the cooperation with the ministry, our company has established itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality coal products. All tasks assigned to provide facilities with fuel can be completed strictly within the time limits set by the obligations. If the fuel consumption in our partner’s boiler rooms increases due to weather conditions, we are always ready to quickly speed up deliveries or provide additional unscheduled deliveries. In 2020, despite the coronavirus pandemic, all our partner obligations to the Ministry of Defense were fulfilled” the representative of the Russian Coal Company said.

Thanks to the energy supply, a standard fuel supply is created in the warehouses is timely prepared for the heating season and ensure the life support of the ministry’s facilities. The products of “Russian coal” are used for the needs of more than 200 boiler houses equipped with brown coal.


In 2020, Russian Coal direct 3.2 billion rubles of tax deductions to funds of all levels

According to the results of 2020, the Russian Coal company and its subsidiaries direct over 3.2 billion rubles to budgets of different levels and extrabudgetary funds. The amount includes tax, rental payments and payments to state extrabudgetary funds, including the regional budgets of the Amur Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia and the federal budget.

The structure of tax payments includes: taxes on value added, profit, property, transport, land, personal income tax and other types of taxes.

Payments to State extrabudgetary funds are intended to realize citizens’ constitutional rights to pension, social insurance, health and medical care.

In addition to timely tax deductions, Russian Coal annually allocates investments for the implementation of socially significant and charitable projects in the regions of the company’s presence. A social package is provided for the staff, which includes preferential meals, the provision of ration coal, the provision of material assistance, health programs, etc.


In the 1st quarter of 2021, Russian Coal increased energy coal production by 3%

In the 1st quarter of 2021, the Russian Coal company increased energy coal production by 3% compared to the same period in 2020. This figure increased from 3.5 to 3.6 million tons of solid fuel.

“In the 1st quarter of 2021, the situation in the coal market as a whole can be called favorable. Active demand for energy coal was observed both in the domestic and international markets. This makes it possible to look optimistically into the future and plan the growth of production capacities after a difficult year, in our opinion, for the coal industry of the Russian Federation in 2020, ”a company representative commented on production results and prospects.

“Russian Coal” is producing brown and stone energy coal in an open manner. The company’s production assets are located in the Amur Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia. The holding includes 7 coal mines, as well as an concentrating factory.

The products of Russian Coal are shipped to the needs of large generating companies, the housing and communal services sector, public consumers, private households, and are also exported. The geography of its consumers covers 60 regions of the Russian Federation and 15 countries of the world.


In the first quarter of 2021, fuel production at the Russian Coal enterprise in the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased by 26%

According to the results of the 1st quarter of 2021, the production of brown energy coal in the Pereyaslovsky section located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory increased by 26% compared to the 1st quarter of 2020 – from 661 to 831 thousand tons. This was reported by the Russian Coal company.

The representative of the company explained this increase in demand for Pereyaslovsky section products – 3B energy coal, which is distinguished by one of the highest calorie content among brown coals in the mainland of the Russian Federation (up to 4,400 kcal/kg). Pereyaslovsky coal is shipped mainly to Russian consumers, but is also exported. Solid fuel is used for the needs of generating companies – thermal power plants and state district power plants, large enterprises in the housing sector, and in addition, it is burned in small boiler houses.

In 2021, on the Pereyaslovsky section, which processes the reserves of the Pereyaslovsky brown coal deposit, 95-million tons of coal will be mined from the moment it is put into operation. In the reserves of the enterprise at the moment – about 260 million tons of solid fuel.


“Russian Coal” told about the development of production in the Amur Region

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program for the development of production and technical re-equipment of coal mining enterprises in the Amur Region.

New mining equipment enters the Erkovetsky section. Recently, the fleet of equipment of the enterprise has been replenished with 6 bulldozers of domestic and imported production, 2 loaders, 3 hydraulic excavators. In addition, the enterprise received the Ural dump truck for the repair service and Ural – a workshop, three shift automobiles, a PAZ bus and three UAZ cars.

The expansion and modernization of the fleet of mining and auxiliary equipment directly affected the efficiency of production processes:the idle time of wagons has decreased, the condition of technological roads has improved, and the efficiency of logistics for the delivery of personnel to the workplace and for the repair of mining transport equipment has increased.

The new technique is used, among other things, for proper operation of quarry drainage and advanced drainage of rock masses due to water-lowering wells, due to which the quality of Erkovets brown coal is improved.

To combat watering on the section, advanced water-lowering wells are used. They intercept most of the water going through the rocks in the bottoms. There are 220 such wells. In addition, there is a permanent pit drain, which is provided by 24 pumps.

“This year, at the beginning of each of the four entry trenches, it is planned to install sumps with powerful pumps used earlier to pump inundated water. In the summer, they will intercept water going into the bottoms from the day’s surface, which will preserve the quality characteristics of the fuel shipped to consumers, “the representative of the enterprise explained.

The systematic renewal of equipment and the growth of production capacities of the Yerkovetsky section makes it possible to create new jobs. Comfortable conditions for workers to live in the new watch complex for miners, located in the village of Varvarovka, Oktyabrsky District, Amur Region, in the immediate vicinity of the coal mining enterprise.


Russian Coal: demand for Khakass thermal coal is growing on the world market

The Russian Coal company reports an increase in demand for coal products from the Stepnoy coal mine (Khakassia) from world consumers.

In 2020, shipments of coal produced on the Stepnaya mine in Khakassia to the global market grew by 14% compared to 2019 and amounted to 1.9 million tons.

The most active interest in Khakass energy coal is shown by the countries of the Asia-Pacific region. Here, consumers from China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan set the trend. Russian Coal reports an increase in demand for Stepnaya mine products in the APR countries in 2020.

“Demand for coal from the Stepnaya mine abroad is active both in the western and eastern directions. Mine products are delivered to 15 countries of the world, “said a representative of Russian Coal.

On the Stepnaya section, stone energy coal of the “D” brand is mined with a calorie content of over 5,500 kcal/kg. A distinctive feature of fuel is the low content of sulfur. Due to this, coal burns easily. Such fuel is also suitable for heating stoves of social facilities and for heating residential buildings of the private sector. 98.8% of coal produced is processed at an enrichment plant, due to which the calorie content and quality characteristics of products are increased. Annually, over 4 million tons of solid fuel are mined on the Stepnaya section. So, in 2020, more than 4.4 million tons of coal were mined.


In 2020, Russian Coal supplied energy coal for the needs of 16 RFV 2020 power plants.

In 2020, the Russian Coal company supplied 5.2 million tons of hard and brown coal for the needs of 16 power plants of the Russian Federation. Among the consumers of this fuel are such large generating companies as DGK, OGK-2, SGK, TGK-1, TGK-2 and others.

Power plants are shipped coal of the “D” and “DG” grades from the Stepnaya and Kirbinsky sections in Khakassia, Sayano-Partizansky in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as brown coal of the “2B” and “3B” grades from the Pereyaslovsky sections in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Erkovetsky and and North-East in the Amur region.

“We have long and strong partnerships with many generating companies. Timely supply of coal for the needs of large generation is one of the priorities of our company’s commercial policy. In the future, we plan to maintain close interaction with this segment of consumers, while pursuing the most flexible pricing policy and a high level of customer orientation. We always try to meet the generating companies halfway, including in ensuring operational and large unscheduled fuel supplies during the heating season, “the Russian Coal company’s commercial service explained.