With the support of “Russian Coal” a holiday was held for the Youth Day

In the village of Varvarovka, Amur region, with the support of the company “Russian Coal”, a celebration was held for the Youth Day.

With the support of the Russian Coal company, a dance and entertainment program, games, contests and fun competitions were organized on the Youth Day in the village square.

“The main surprise for the audience was the performance of the vocal and instrumental group “Monday”. Families, friendly companies came out on the dance floor, only the bravest and most cheerful soloed. The melodies of the 80s were replaced by modern compositions, the people danced, sang in chorus with the musicians. We hope that such holidays will become a good tradition in our village,” Lyubov Campo, a resident of Varvarovka, shared her impressions.


Russian Coal develops cooperation with specialized educational institutions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

27 students of the V.P. Astafyev Mining Technical School located in Irsha are undergoing practical training at the sections of JSC “Krasnoyarsk Coal” (an asset of the company “Russian Coal” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory).

The Pereyaslavsky section accepted senior college students for training in three main specialties:
– Welder of manual and partially mechanized welding (surfacing);
– Machinist in open-pit mining;
– Surveying business.

Future young specialists have successfully passed the initial briefing at the workplace, are assigned to experienced mentors and have already begun to comprehend the basics of the chosen profession according to the approved thematic plan.

“I was born in a family where Dad has been working at the cutting for a long time. Everything related to coal mining has been close to me since childhood. So I decided to do what I heard from my father,” Irina Totskaya, a 3rd-year student from the village of Dvurechnoye and a future miner at surveying work, shared . – My future task is to control the movement and development of mining operations. I have already been in the section, I have seen mining operations not only on the plans, it is interesting to me.”

The Regional State Budgetary professional Educational Institution “Technical School of Mining named after V.P. Astafyev” and the Joint-Stock Company “Krasnoyarsk Krayugol” have a long-standing and close partnership.

Every year, senior students undergo practical training at the Pereyaslavsky section, and after graduation from the technical school, the labor collective of the section is replenished with young specialists.


A new Komatsu bulldozer has been put into operation at the Kirbinsky section

In Khakassia, a new Komatsu D275A-5 bulldozer was put into operation at the Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal company.

The new high-performance Komatsu D275A-5 bulldozer has a turbocharged engine and develops power up to 417 hp. The improved design of the track belt link allows you to increase the service life of the chassis and reduce maintenance costs. The manufacturer paid special attention to the safety of operation and the reduction of the impact of technology on the environment. The bulldozer also provides comfortable working conditions for the operator. The capacity of the dumps is up to 4620 m3, and the total weight of the equipment is about 51 thousand kg. The temperature mode of operation of the bulldozer varies from -50 to +40 degrees Celsius.

According to Denis Kremensky, the chief mechanic of the Kirbinsky section, the new bulldozer will be used in the planning of roads, as well as for loosening soils.

The new equipment was delivered to the company as part of the annual investment program.


In 2022, Russian Coal expands the corporate program for the wellness of miners of the Krasnoyarsk Territory

The miners of the Pereyaslovsky section will be able to relax and maintain their health in three well-known and recognized health resorts of the Russian Federation.

Along with the popular and beloved sanatorium “Altai WestTM” (Altai Krai), the resort of federal significance with unique natural factors “Lake Karachi” (Novosibirsk region), which was founded in 1880 and is rightfully considered the pearl of Siberia, will open its doors for the workers of the section.

Employees who are not recommended for climate change for medical reasons and who are not ready to leave far from their home will be met by the Berezka Sanatorium-dispensary. It is located near the city of Zelenogorsk (Krasnoyarsk Territory) – it is a modern medical and wellness complex, which includes a capacious and effective medical base, crystal clear forest air and a high professional level of service.

The company “Krasnoyarsk Coal” (the asset of “Russian Coal” in the Krasnoyarsk Territory) is confident that taking care of the health of employees is a priority and important social task, the fulfillment of which contributes not only to the preservation of the workforce, but also to the creation of conditions for comfortable rest and travel around their country.


In January – March 2022, coal production at the Kirbinsky mine in Khakassia increased by 29%

In January – March 2022, 627 thousand tons of D-grade coal were produced in Khakassia at the Kirbinsky section. This is 29% more than the volume of coal production for Q1 2021, which amounted to 486 thousand tons of fuel.

In total, 2.1 million tons of coal were produced at the Kirbinsky mine in 2021. It is expected that by the end of 2022, the volume of production at the enterprise will be increased. Also in 2022, the company continues to implement an investment program, within the framework of which it is planned to supply new mining equipment – BelAZ dump trucks, a bulldozer and a grader.

The Kirbinsky section was put in operation in 2018 and produces coal of the “D” grade on the territory of the Bey coal field in Khakassia. The balance reserves of the Kirbinsky section sections amount to about 350 million tons of coal.


Russian Coal expands the park of bulldozer equipment in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, a new Komatsu D275A-6 heavy tracked bulldozer was assembled and put into operation at the Sayano-Partizansky section of the Russian Coal Company.

The supplier of the new equipment is the Krasnoyarsk branch of Sumitek International LLC, the official distributor of Komatsu equipment. “It is noteworthy that this is the delivery of the first bulldozer in the Russian Federation of the newest 6th series, characterized by improved technical characteristics, high performance, reliability and the most modern equipment,” said the representative of the supplier company.

The new equipment will be used in open-pit mining operations for the construction of roads and exits, loosening of frozen rocks, the formation of dumps and coal depots, the planning of faces.

The operational weight of the Komatsu D275A-6 bulldozer is 50.8 tons, the engine power is 335 kW (455.5 hp). The stability of the machine is due to its profile with a low center of gravity. The driver’s cab provides comfortable and ergonomic working conditions, excellent visibility, is equipped with an air suspension seat with an adjustable armrest and a color electronic display of the parameter control system. The noise level in the cabin is only 72 dB. The bulldozer’s lighting consists entirely of new LED working lights specially designed for this model of equipment.

The installation of the new bulldozer was attended by the drivers of the bulldozer, who will operate it, and the service engineers of Sumitek International LLC.

Currently, the tractor-bulldozer park of the Sayano-Partizansky section has 5 units of equipment.

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program to expand and upgrade the equipment park of the mine. Earlier in 2022, a new Komatsu PC1250SP-8 hydraulic excavator with a bucket volume of 6.7 cubic meters was put into operation at the Sayano-Partizansky section.

The Sayano-Partizansky section produces energy coal of the “G” and “DG” brands. Fuel is extracted in an open way, working off the reserves of the Sayano-Partizansky coal deposit. The company employs about 360 residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


“Russian Coal” expands the geography of the wellness campaign

The Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal company in 2022 expands the geography of the organization of sanatorium treatment. For the first time, the company’s employees will receive vouchers to the popular sanatorium of the Altai Territory.

In 2022, the implementation of the wellness campaign at the Kirbinsky section continues. The company’s employees will be able to strengthen their health in the already familiar sanatorium “Shushensky” and will visit the popular Russian resort in Belokurikha “Altai West” for the first time.

In 2021, as part of the wellness campaign, 22 employees of the Kirbinsky section underwent sanatorium treatment at the Shushensky sanatorium located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In addition, 16 children of the company’s employees had a rest last summer in the Tourist and Wellness center “Sosnovy Bor” (Krasnoyarsk Territory). For these purposes, the company allocated funds in the amount of about 1.8 million rubles.


Russian Coal develops youth employment programs

A lot of work is being done in Amur Coal (the asset of the Russian Coal company in the Amur region) to provide the enterprise with professional personnel.

“Amur Coal is actively developing a program to attract young specialists to the enterprise. In the course of its implementation, graduates of specialized technical schools and universities are invited to open vacancies, and students are provided with jobs for practical training with the possibility of further employment,” explained Oleg Vedernikov, CEO of the company.

In 2022, students of the Technical School of Mining named after him came to the Amur Coal company for an internship. Astafyeva V.P. pos. Irsha of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. They are undergoing pre-graduate practice at the Yerkovetsky section in the specialty “Machinist in open-pit mining”.

In order for young people to easily integrate into the production process, the company has a mentoring system. Each trainee was assigned mentors from the most experienced excavator drivers. This helps to quickly get acquainted with the specifics of work in the section, master the subtleties of the profession and join the team.

Students of the Technical School of Mining named after. Astafyeva V.P. completed a week-long internship at the Amur Coal mine and were allowed to work independently on repair and maintenance of equipment as assistants to the excavator driver of the 4th category. According to the agreement concluded between the educational institution and JSC “Amurugol”, their internship will last until June 17, 2022, after which they will go home to the Krasnoyarsk Territory to defend their graduation projects.

“Future mining workers joined the labor collective of our coal mine for three months. During the production practice, the students, under the guidance of mentors, will comprehend the basics of skill and adopt the experience gained by Amur miners over the more than 30-year life path of the Yerkovetsky mine. They will delve into all technological processes – starting with stripping operations and ending with the shipment of “black gold”, will take part in the repair of the giant excavator ASH 20/90, will get acquainted with the device and operation of quarry drainage and repair of railway tracks. All the guys speak warmly about their mentors, go to work with a desire and master complex techniques with great interest. After graduation, we invite them to return to the Yerkovetsky section,” said Alexey Mashchenko, Chief Engineer of the Yerkovetsky section.


The Kirbinsky section helped to extinguish the steppe fire in the Baysky district of Khakassia

The Kirbinsky section provided a modern fire engine for extinguishing steppe fires on the territory of the Baysky and Altai districts of Khakassia.

In the Baysky district, a steppe fire occurred the day before, on March 31. The workers of the Kirbinsky mine of the Russian Coal company provided assistance in extinguishing the fire.

A fire truck based on KAMAZ was promptly sent from the enterprise to the place of ignition. This car has a pump with a capacity of 70 liters per second, which allows you to extinguish large fires at a distance of about 100 meters. Also a feature of this fire truck is the ability to extinguish fire while driving. As a result, by the joint efforts of all the forces involved, the steppe fire in the Baysky district was extinguished.

Also, assistance in fighting the fire was provided to residents of the village of Krasnopolye in the Altai region. The fall of grass near the village occurred on Saturday, March 26. Thanks to the prompt response, it was possible, in cooperation with other services of the Altai region, to extinguish the fire and prevent the spread of fire to the residential area.

“For the steppe landscape of Khakassia, the problem of autumn-spring grass fires is extremely topical. The fight against this phenomenon is complicated by strong winds characteristic of the region. Therefore, within the framework of the investment program approved by the management of the Russian Coal company, a modern fire truck was purchased and put into operation. The machine has repeatedly been involved in extinguishing grass fires on the territory of the Altai and Baysky districts and has shown its effectiveness,” the representative of the company said.


Russian Coal is developing a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles in production in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was delivered to the Sayano-Partizansky section of the Russian Coal Company. It is designed to increase the efficiency of surveying work. Earlier, the UAV was successfully tested and accepted for work at the Kirbinsky section, located in Khakassia.

To conduct aerial photography at the Sayano-Partizansky section, an unmanned Geoscan 401 quadcopter of domestic production was purchased. The duration of the flight is up to 60 minutes, vertical takeoff and landing are allowed even in conditions of limited space. The upgraded Sony RX1RII digital camera is installed on the device.

“The advantage of using UAVs in surveying work is high shooting accuracy due to obtaining a large number of points when shooting. This is especially true when calculating coal products in warehouses. Also, the use of an unmanned aircraft is useful when shooting dumps, which are dangerous areas with loosened rocks. Shooting such objects from a height is the safest for an employee, besides, the result is more accurate. In addition to the fact that the use of a quadrocopter simplifies the surveying of mining operations, thanks to the drone, the shooting of linear objects, for example, roads, is more efficient and faster,” said Oksana Matveeva, chief surveyor of JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal”.

Before using the UAV, the specialists of the company’s surveying service took a training course on conducting flights and working with special software.