The Kirbinsky section helped to extinguish the steppe fire in the Baysky district of Khakassia

The Kirbinsky section provided a modern fire engine for extinguishing steppe fires on the territory of the Baysky and Altai districts of Khakassia.

In the Baysky district, a steppe fire occurred the day before, on March 31. The workers of the Kirbinsky mine of the Russian Coal company provided assistance in extinguishing the fire.

A fire truck based on KAMAZ was promptly sent from the enterprise to the place of ignition. This car has a pump with a capacity of 70 liters per second, which allows you to extinguish large fires at a distance of about 100 meters. Also a feature of this fire truck is the ability to extinguish fire while driving. As a result, by the joint efforts of all the forces involved, the steppe fire in the Baysky district was extinguished.

Also, assistance in fighting the fire was provided to residents of the village of Krasnopolye in the Altai region. The fall of grass near the village occurred on Saturday, March 26. Thanks to the prompt response, it was possible, in cooperation with other services of the Altai region, to extinguish the fire and prevent the spread of fire to the residential area.

“For the steppe landscape of Khakassia, the problem of autumn-spring grass fires is extremely topical. The fight against this phenomenon is complicated by strong winds characteristic of the region. Therefore, within the framework of the investment program approved by the management of the Russian Coal company, a modern fire truck was purchased and put into operation. The machine has repeatedly been involved in extinguishing grass fires on the territory of the Altai and Baysky districts and has shown its effectiveness,” the representative of the company said.