Pay attention to the facts of the use of similar brand names and similar corporate visual objects (letterheads, logos, etc.) by other companies that have nothing to do with JSC «Russian Coal».
Copying activities can pursue a number of fraudulent purposes, from misleading to selling their products.

For example, such cases have been identified:

JSC «Russian Coal» letterheads were used, on which persons who are not related to Russian Coal JSC indicated the real fax number, the address of the Company’s website and their mobile phone numbers. The mobile phone numbers ↓. indicated on the form do not belong to the company’s employees.

JSC «Russian Coal» employees submitted commercial proposals sent by e-mail, in which persons unrelated to Russian Coal JSC indicated the full name of the real employee of Russian Coal JSC and the similar name of the corporate mail.

Russian employees of Russian Coal, the general director of the company, are represented in telephone conversations by persons who have nothing to do with JSC «Russian Coal» . Commercial offers for the sale of coal of various brands are also sent by e-mail, ostensibly on behalf of the top officials of JSC «Russian Coal» . If buyers express a desire to conclude a deal, they are asked to send an advance payment under various far-fetched pretexts. Immediately after receiving the funds, the pseudo-dealers disappear and do not get in touch with customers.

In addition, companies with names similar to those of the companies included in the corporate structure of JSC Russian Coal are periodically created (download list of companies ↓)

JSC «Russian Coal» warns that it has nothing to do with the activities of these organizations.
Based on the above JSC «Russian Coal» declares that representatives of these companies and individuals who are allegedly negotiating on its behalf on coal supplies do not actually have such powers and may pursue fraudulent goals. JSC «Russian Coal» is not responsible for commercial offers, transactions or other obligations of these structures and individuals.

Please note:

JSC «Russian Coal» never indicates mobile phone numbers as contact numbers on official letterheads.

JSC «Russian Coal» does not use state symbols on its letterheads.

Employees of JSC «Russian Coal» respond to requests only from the official domain —

In case of doubt about the competence of potential partners, you can contact the official address of JSC Russian Coal:

10 Petrovka str., Moscow, 107031
Tel./fax: (495) 225 25 05
Email address:

If you commit fraud, you should contact the law enforcement authorities at your place of residence.