Coal mine “Sayano-partizanskiy”

Russian Coal Krasnoyarsk - Coal mine Sayano-partizanskiy

The coal mine is located to the southwest of Sayano-Partizanskiy coalfields. According to the administrative division, it is the part of Sayan and Partisanskiy zones of the Krasnoyarsk regions. Mining of “Sayano-Partisanskiy” began in 1991. This mine produces the coal of ranks DG.

At “Sayano-Partisanskiy”, auto transportation development system is used as well as technological complex KOMATSU, consisting of PC-1250 excavator, dump HD-785 and D-275 bulldozer. Furthermore, excavators PC-400, PC-750 and dump BelAZ with a capacity of 55 tons are part of the technology as well.

The production capacity of the section is 3 million tons per year.
Overall, 8 coal seams are mined. The coal from the coalface is transported to the warehouse, which is organized directly on the southern side of the site. From internal storage, the coal is transported to the station “Ugol’naya”, where it is loaded in the boxcars and sent to the local and foreign consumers.