Russian Coal - Production of the coal

The company’s production assets are located in three regions of Russian Federation: Amur, Krasnoyarsk regions and the Republic of Khakassia. The company consists of 7 coal mines, coal-preparation plant, energy supplying, transport and repair facilities.

The coal of ranks “D” (long flame), “G” (gas), “3B” (brown with relative humidity 30%) and “2B” (brown with relative humidity 30-40%) is mined using an open method.

At the coal mine “Stepnoy”, D-rank coal is enriched within its own factory, resulting in significant improvement of quality characteristics of marketable coal production.

The G-rank coal (gas) has a high volatile content (45-47%) and is high in calories. The net calorific value of G-rank coal is 5800 – 6050 Kcal / kg. Coal of this rank is exported and shipped to the domestic market from “Sayano-Partisanskiy” coal mine in Krasnoyarsk region.

In Krasnoyarsk and Amur regions at the enterprises of JSC “Russian Coal” 2BR and 3BR ranks of brown coal are mined.