At the Kirbinsky section 75% of employees were vaccinated against COVID-19

In Khakassia, a campaign to vaccinate staff against COVID-19 coronavirus infection continues in the Kirbinsky district. To date, 75% of employees have been vaccinated.

For the convenience of miners, vaccination points are organized on the territory of the enterprise.
Vaccination is carried out only after a medical examination and in the absence of contraindications.

If desired, family members of employees can be vaccinated at the enterprise, without queues and waiting.

Mandatory pre-shift and post-shift medical examinations allow to quickly assess the health of miners before and at the end of work, and the well-being of workers is monitored throughout the day.


VIDEO: 95 million tons of coal mined in the Pereyaslovsky section.

The Pereyaslovsky section in the Krasnoyarsk Territory produced 95 million tons of brown thermal coal. That’s how it was.


VIDEO: modern treatment facilities appear on Khakassia coal mines


Modern technologies can help improve the environment. This is especially relevant for coal industry enterprises. On the youngest section of the republic “Kirbinsky” new treatment facilities were launched.


VIDEO: Kirbinsky section commissioned new treatment facilities

” RTS ”

New treatment facilities have been put into operation at the Korkinsky coal mine. They completely clean all ground and quarry waters so as not to harm the flora and fauna of the Koibal steppe.


VIDEO: how the treatment facilities work on the Kirbinsky section.

The construction and commissioning of modern treatment facilities on the Kirbinsky section is a new important stage in the ecology and environmental policy of the enterprise. Thanks to this, it became possible to replenish the resources of the lake Bolshoe preserving the eco-environment of the reservoir.


VIDEO: The enterprises of “Russian Coal” celebrate the Day of Russia-2021.

Today, across the country, enterprises of different industries have united and held campaign for the Day of Russia. The enterprises of “Russian Coal” in the Amur region and the Republic of Khakassia did not stand aside. The miners of the Steppe and Kirbinsky sections took part in sports competitions, and the children of the miners of the Amur region prepared special creative numbers for the celebration.


JSC “Russian Coal” is increasing coal reserves in Krasnoyarsk region


JSC “Russian Coal” bought at auction the right to work at “Northeastern” coal area of Pereyaslovskoe coalfield. The period of license is 25 years. Thereby JSC “Russian Coal” has increased its reserves by 78 million tons. Now total coal reserves of the company are 1.324 billion tons. The mining at “Pereyaslovskoe” began in 1983. It is one of the biggest mines of brown coal in that area. Production capacity of the mine is 7 million tons of coal a year. More than 720 people work at the mine.


JSC “Russian Coal”: “We are planning to expand presence in fast-developing markets”

Deputy Director General for Сommerce Stanislav Grachev is telling which main factors production targets will depend on in the coming years and what plans JSC “Russian Coal” has regarding production capacity adjustments in 2016-2017. The interview explains the company’s assessment of the possibilities for improving competitiveness amid weak commodity markets.
Read the interview


JSC “Russian coal” is increasing production capacity of coal refining plant in Khakassia

In 2016 coal refining plant of JSC “Russian coal” in Khakassia region is going to increase production capacity till 4.2 million tons. In 2014 the plant produced 3.26 million tons of coal and in 2015 it will produce 3.4 million tons of coal. 80% of its production is exported to Turkey, Poland, Baltic States and China. In 2015 the share of export from the coal mine “Stepnoy” where the factory works will be 40%. In 2016 after the modernization of refining plant JSC “Russian coal” plans to increase the share of exported coal to 60%.
Source: Kommersant


On the Miner’s day more than 30 miners of JSC “Russian Coal” in Amur region were awarded

One of the main holidays in the city Raichihinsk of Amur region is the Miner’s day. More than 1 500 people of the city work in coal mining industry. That’s why this holiday is often celebrated widely and eagerly.

On the Miner’s day the workers received congratulations from the mayor of the city Victor Radchenko, CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” Bilan Uzhakhov and the governor of Amur region Alexander Kozlov. More than 30 miners of JSC “Russian Coal” in Amur region got government and corporate awards dedicated to the holiday.

“The coal mining of Amur region works very stable. From the beginning of 2015 till now JSC “Russian coal” exceeded its plan of mining in this region by 120 000 tons. We do not plan to decrease our production volume there so the people of Raichihinsk could feel confidence in their future”, explained the CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” Bilan Uzhakhov.

“Coal mining provides energy security to our country. Considering it we will help Raichihinsk and Varvarovka regions to develop stable and efficiently”, said the governor of Amur region Alexander Kozlov.

JSC “Russian Coal” plans to continue the increase of production volume in the region. According to expert forecasts, coal reserves nearby Raichihinsk will be enough for 15 years of mining.

Another coal mine, which is situated a few kilometers away from the city, has coal reserves enough for 150 years of mining. Total balance reserves of the region are 572 million tons of coal. So thanks to coal mining industry Raichihinsk population wouldn’t face the problem of unemployment in the next 200 years.

Source: GTRK “Amur”