The team of the Kirbinsky section became the winner of the paintball competition

According to the results of the final stage of the corporate league for sports and tactical paintball, the Kirbinsky section team took 4th place in the standings and was awarded a diploma and a cup.

The games of the corporate league for sports and tactical paintball were held from May to September on the territory of the paintball club in Abakan. More than 40 teams representing large industrial, energy and transport enterprises took part in large-scale competitions.

This year, for the first time, the team of the Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal company took part in paintball competitions. It was formed under the leadership of the head of the administrative and economic Department Igor Petrovich Goremykin. The players included young specialists of the section: mining master Kirill Shemyakin, specialist in control of SSM and SVR Artem Sergienko, chief mechanic Denis Kremensky, machinist of Komatsu GD825-A motor grader Nikita Zyryanov, excavator operator Hitachi EX-1900 Konstantin Poroshin. Ivan Shchepilov, the shift supervisor, was unanimously chosen as the team captain.

From the very first game, the team of the Kirbinsky section showed itself well, showing a well-coordinated and effective game. Throughout the season, Kirbinsky’s players won prizes, including the winners of the first stage of the corporate league.

“I think we have presented our company very well at paintball tournaments. Taking prizes at the first stages, we proved to the organizers and other teams that the team of the Kirbinsky section is a serious rival! Many thanks to the management of the company for supporting our team throughout all the tournaments. We plan to continue participating in the corporate league next year and improve our final result,” said Ivan Shchepilov, team captain, shift supervisor of the Kirbinsky section.


video: Unique finds of archaeologists of Khakassia

And again a sensation. The archaeological season 2022 continues to bring surprises. Another find that significantly changes historians’ understanding of the past of Khakassia was a unique knife with a cast handle. According to scientists, this is the oldest such artifact East of the Urals. And this is far from the only landmark find of recent months. Details in the material of Anzor Sabanov.


video: For the first time, an interregional competition for the title of “Best in profession” was held in Kuzbass

Vesti-Kuzbass report: The best by profession among the workers of the coal industry was determined at the Vinogradovsky section

Report of the Kuzbass-1 TV channel: Enterprises of 4 regions competed. How the event took place, and who won — we will tell you in the next story.

The competition of huge machines for speed, accuracy and endurance is a traditional interregional event among the coal enterprises of the Russian Coal company. At the Vinogradovsky section of the Kuzbass Fuel Company, this competition is held in an interregional format for the first time. One of the employees of the section, Sergey Ulyanov, has been in the profession for 16 years. All the exercises are not the same for him, and in life you have to do jewelry work. But even such a seasoned participant was impressed by the scale of the event.

A total of 54 participants from the Amur Region, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia and Kuzbass. However, the main task of each contestant is not to win, but to exchange experience between regions. Coal mining does not stop even during the event. All in order not to lose high performance.

In 2021, the leaders of the interregional professional skills competition were representatives of Khakassia. In the same year, the Kuzbass coal miners won the team competition. In addition to the title of “The Best in the profession”, they received cash prizes. A year later, the miners of Siberia and the Far East will again be able to compete for the honorary title.


How was the superfinal of the competition “Best in profession-2022”: media review

The superfinal of the interregional competition “The Best by profession-2022” among the employees of the coal industry of the enterprises of “Russian Coal” and “Kuzbass Fuel Company” was attended by more than 20 representatives of various media of the Kemerovo region.

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video: Workers of the Sayano-Partizansky mine congratulate the miner on the upcoming Day

Festive video from the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The team of the Sayano-Partizansky section – about the working days of their company and the main wishes on the eve of their professional holiday.


The Krasnoyarsk Territory hosted the Summer Sports Contest of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Group of Companies

On July 29, the Summer Sports Contest of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Group of Companies took place at the Partizanskoye village stadium in the Krasnoyarsk Territory after a three-year break.

Four participants competed: the team of the management staff of JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal”, the team of the Sayano-Partizansky section, the team of the Abansky section and the team of the Pereyaslovsky section.

7 types of competitions were announced in the program of the Spartakiad: 4x100m relay race, volleyball, mini-football, darts, table tennis, arm wrestling, shooting.

“It is remarkable that the round-robin competitions were chosen by the drawing system. We had the opportunity to cheer for our participants, watch all kinds of competitions and relax between stages,” it became the general opinion of the participants of the Spartakiad.

The intense struggle of two heroes from the Abansky and Pereyaslovsky sections became one of the brightest stages of the championship. The strongest person is Alexander Semenov, the compiler of the trains of the Pereyaslavsky section.

“One is not enough. One is hilo. We are the team “Killing Power” together!” – a team with such a charge could not initially lose, and the winner of the championship was the team “Killing power” of the Pereyaslavsky section led by captain Pavel Savelyev !

Second place – Sayano-Partisan section, the third place is JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal”.

Neither the rain, under which the competitions began, nor the hot sun, which illuminated the winners, prevented a good mood and sports spirit.


Exploring the native land: JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai” develops corporate family vacation programs

For the first time after the removal of sanitary restrictions, JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal” organized a family trip of employees of the Pereyaslavsky section on an excursion to the park of flora and fauna “Roev Ruchey” of Krasnoyarsk.

“In summer, I want to relax, travel, get new impressions and just enjoy the bright sun. The request for the organization of the trip was received from the trade union organization of the section, especially since the park “Roev Ruchey” is a small town where many famous and exotic animals live. It is possible and necessary to come for the whole day and with the whole family: to breathe fresh air, ride rides, discover new ones and visit already beloved pets,” the company commented. It should be noted that the trip, the purchase of tickets, and the tour of the park were fully funded by JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal”.

The new tourist bus, recently purchased for the Pereyaslavsky section, turned out to be very useful: even the youngest Pereyaslavians traveled comfortably on the bus.

“I didn’t expect that my little daughter would be so interested in animals! We didn’t use a stroller because the animals were better seen by standing on the curb, and it doesn’t matter that a buffalo is a big goat and a tiger is a very big cat, it’s important that the children liked it, there were a lot of impressions and photos for the family album. Thank you to the company for the opportunity to have an interesting family vacation,” sharedOlga Beloglazova, Head of Human Resources and mother of two kids.

The plans of JSC “Krasnoyarsk Krai Coal” are the organization of collective trips to sports events in Krasnoyarsk, but these are already autumn plans.


Russian Coal Company held a sports contest of workers of the Kirbinsky mine for the 20th anniversary in Khakassia

The summer sports contest of the workers of the Kirbinsky mine was held, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Coal company and the celebration of the Miner’s Day.

Employees of the Kirbinsky mine, a branch of JSC “Russian Coal” Chernogorsk and their families took part in the competitions in 5 nominations.

Despite the sports excitement, the event was held in a friendly atmosphere, and the emotional support of the athletes was provided by numerous fans.


Volleyball (men):
1st place – ATC team, captain Kostrynin P.Yu
. 2nd place – Heroes team, captain Vinogradov M.V.

Volleyball (girls):
1st place – team “Lady”, captain Efimova A.S.
2nd place – team “Goddess”, captain Kuryatova O.S.

Tug of War (men):
1st place – team “Heroes”, captain Vinogradov M.V.
2nd place – ATC team, captain Kostrynin P.Yu.

Tug of War (girls):
1st place – team “Lady”, captain Efimova A.S.
2nd place – the Goddess team, captain Kuryatova O.S.

Women’s relay:
1st place – Zheglova M.
2nd place – Efimova A.S.
3rd place – Vinogradova I.A.

1st place – Yezhov A.N.
2nd place – Kostrynin P.Yu
. 3rd place – Titov S.S.

Shooting (girls):
1st place – Konstantinova S.A.
2nd place – Efimova A.S.
3rd place – Andreeva O.O.

Shooting (men):
1st place – Andreev A.V.
2nd place – Baranishnin N.A.
3rd place – Titov S.S.
3rd place – Serebryakov A.V.


The miners of the Amur region held a sports tournament with the pupils of the sponsored orphanage

On July 9, the miners of JSC “Amurugol” invited the pupils of the orphanage “Chance” of the Amur region to the sports ground of the enterprise for a friendly mini-football meeting with the presentation of a rolling cup, diplomas and sweet prizes. The sports competitions of miners and children of the orphanage are held for the second time this year: earlier, coal miners invited children from the orphanage “Chance” to a volleyball tournament.

Experienced and young athletes competed at the mini-football tournament: veterans of JSC “Amurugol” with 11 pupils of “Chance” aged 13 to 15 years. The meeting was held in the format of 2 halves of 30 minutes with an unlimited number of substitutions.

For the first 20 minutes, the veterans of the coal industry confidently led the game. However, after the break, the initiative was intercepted by the children of the orphanage, who eventually beat the coal miners with a score of 9-12.

“The whole second half was held under warm torrential rain, but it was even more fun and interesting. During the game, our veterans taught the guys the tactics of the game, the correct placement on the field, the organization of defense, interception of the ball and the transition to attack. After the game, an award ceremony was held in the assembly hall of “Amurugl” with the presentation of the cup, diplomas and sweet prizes. Every evening, young people gather at the Amur Coal sports ground, the guys communicate and play volleyball. We train them periodically and conduct master classes. Promotion of a healthy lifestyle and support of regional sports programs is an important part of the company’s social policy,” said Evgeny Matlauskas, Deputy General Director for Personnel and Social Affairs of Amurugol JSC.

In the future, coal miners of the Amur region plan to develop sports competitions, inviting high school students and students of the industrial college of Raichikhinsk, as well as all sports enthusiasts from other institutions of the city to participate in them.