JSC “Russian Coal” gave 2,5 million rubles to the miners of Khakassia

Before traditional celebration of the Miner’s Day (professional miners’ holiday which is widely celebrated in Russia) JSC “Russian Coal” gave 2,5 million rubles as a charity program for the honored retired miners of Khakassia region. During 1990-s when mining industry in Russia had difficult times miners pensions were rather small. Now coal mining companies try to do their best to provide veterans of this industry well-being and stable future. For the last few years retired miners of the region received 43 million rubles.

JSC “Russian Coal” has various charity and sponsorship programs in all regions where it operates. One of the most important aims of these programs is to maintain the living standards of vulnerable groups of people such as pensioners, labor veterans and the disabled.

Source: the republican newspaper “Khakassia”


Coal mining in Amur region will successfully continue for 200 years more

All the fears about coal mining crises in Amur region are causeless, CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” Bilan Uzhakhov explained during his business visit to Raichihinsk region, where coal mines “Erkovetskiy” and “Severo-vostochniy” are operating.

Coal mining is the main industry of Raichihinsk region for more than 70 years. About 1700 people are engaged in this business. So if the coal resources will end all of them will be under risk of unemployment.

But Mr Uzhakhov assured them that the situation like this will not happen in next 200 years. “Total stockpile of our company in Amur region is 400 million tons. Taking into account that in average we mine 2 million tons per year, it is easy to count that coal mining there will last for 200 years more”, – he added.

Most of the production of JSC “Russian Coal” in Amur region is used for the needs of energy industry – for various power plants. Therefore the 11% increase of production seems rather logical than exceptional.

Source: newspaper “Amurskaya Pravda”


JSC “Russian Coal” will rebuild ice rink in Raichihinsk

In 2016 JSC “Russian Coal” will invest more than 200 million rubles in the development of Raichihinsk region, where coal mine “Severo-vostochniy” is operating. Half of the investments will be used for construction programs. One of them is rebuilding ice rink in Raichihinsk.

Now skating there is possible only in winter time. Synthetic ice with the help of which rink is planned to be renewed will give adult and children skaters an opportunity to continue trainings even in summer time.

“Social responsibility is the highest priority for our company. We are doing all our best to help in sport, leisure and social life in each region of our presence”, – CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” Bilan Uzhakhov commented.

The rink with synthetic ice was built in Raichihinsk in 1993. It was very popular among hockey players and figure skaters. After 10 years of work it got broken.

Source: Regional newspaper “Amur-Info”