Coal mine “Abanskiy”

Russian Coal Krasnoyarsk - coal mine Abanskiy

Coal mine “Abanskiy” (Abanskoe coalfield) is located 7 km north-east from the district center Aban and 60 km north from Kansk. Open-pit mining began in 1983 producing the 2BR-rank coal.

At “Abanskiy” auto transportation development system is used. Mining and stripping works are carried out by E-2503 excavators with a bucket capacity of 2.5 m3. As technological transport dump trucks KamAZ are used.

At the moment, the production capacity of the mine is 270 thousand tons a year. To increase production capacity and provide other regions with fuel the company built a new coal mine in Taseevskiy area. The field “Taseevskoye” of Sukhovsky coalfield is located 6 km south-west from the regional center settlement Taseevo.