Environmental Responsibility

Russian Coal - Ecology

Coal production is always associated with certain environmental risks. The specialists of JSC “Russian Coal” fully comprehend these risks and pay a lot of attention to rational nature management and reduction of negative environmental impacts.

To ensure environmental safety in the mining works, our enterprises carry out complex of measures for environment protection and rational nature management.

These measures cover wide spectrum of issues from mining-ecology monitoring to particular measures for environmental conditions improvement, such as reduction of the atmosphere pollution, prevention of the endogenic fires, disposal of the production wastes, control of pollutant emissions, and reclamation of the disturbed lands.

In order to assess environmental impact of mining operations, we permanently conduct the mining-ecology monitoring, which includes studies of the atmospheric air quality, observations of the rock massif’s state, control of stability of the strip mine’s and waste dump’s sides, operations for handling of the production and consumption wastes and places of their temporary disposal, for the subsoil protection, monitoring of quality of the soils, research for radiation safety of the coals, rocks, and wastes. To conduct this monitoring, we engage accredited special laboratories.
Data from this monitoring is analyzed while its results are used to plan mining works and to take measures for improvement of environmental conditions.

In order to diminish withdrawal of the land for mining works, our enterprises implement the internal dumping technology, what in reality leads to minimization of areas in one way or another used for coal production.

Apart from this, we carry out monitoring of ground waters, and its results testify that pollution of ground waters with oil products and heavy metals is steadily decreasing during the recent years.
Systematic recultivation of the disturbed lands is permanently performed by the company’s enterprises. These works are being conducted with allowance for climatic peculiarities of the coal production area, biological characteristics of the soil and plants, including the use of biopreparations stimulating soil formation and accelerated overgrowing of the technogenic areas.

Taking into consideration that the coals and coal-enclosing rocks are inclined to spontaneous inflammation, our enterprises continually implement complex of measures for prevention and extinguishing of the endogenic fires. Fire hazardous objects are under permanent control by the technical supervision service.

We have set up a system for collection, dumping, and disposal of the production and consumption wastes, and of handing them over to licensed organizations for reprocessing. Such wastes as worn out tires and scrap metal are sent for reprocessing while used oils are regenerated and hard household wastes are reclaimed. We strictly control the observance of norms for pollutant emissions and of admissible limits of wastes.

According to the monitoring results, the environment protection measures and rational nature management policy of the JSC “Russian Coal” is effective, allowing to keep environmental indices within acceptable ranges.