Coal mine “Severo-Vostochniy”

Russian Coal Amur Region - Coal mine Severo-Vostochniy

The mine was put into operation in 1932. It is located in the Amur region and processes coal reserves of “Raichihinsk” coalfield. “Severo-vostochniy” produces 2BR-rank coal.

An advanced non-transportation development system is used on the “Severo-vostochniy”. In mining operations, the following machinery is involved: dragline excavators with large linear parameters: ES-15/90 ES-11/70 ES-10/70 ES-10/60, EKG-5A excavators and hydraulic excavators Caterpillar.

Production capacity of the coal mine is 1.1 million tons a year.

Mined coal is shipped directly from the coalface to the boxcars. Production of “Severo-vostochniy” is represented by the following ranks of coal: 2BPK, 2BOMSSH, 2BR. High-quality coal is produced as the result of processing on the crushing and screening plant complex of “Severo-vostochniy”. The final product is delivered to the domestic market.

Quality characteristics of produced coal are checked by Raichihinsk quality management, which has chemical laboratories at “Erkovetskiy.” Laboratories are equipped with modern instruments to carry out all kinds of qualitative analysis of extracted coal.