Coal mine “Pereyaslovskiy”

Russian Coal - coal mine Pereyaslovskiy

Pereyaslovskoe coalfield is located on the territory of Rybinskiy, Uyarskiy and Partizanskiy areas. Coalfield area for the main industrial seam “Powerful” equals to 87 square kilometers. The mine is located to the southeast of the coalfield. The mining of “Pereyaslovskiy” began in 1983.

In the mine “Pereyaslovskiy” combined development system is used. In mining operations the following draglines are involved: ES-10/70 ES-11/70 and ES-15/90 power shovels EKG-4.6, EKG 5A EKG-8I and EKG-10A, as well as hydraulic excavators Komatsu PC-400, PC-750 with bucket capacity from 2 m3 to 4 m3.

As technological transport dump trucks BelAZ are used with carrying capacity 55 tons, as well as dump trucks Volvo-A40F with carrying capacity of 40 tons.

Production capacity of the mine is 6 million tons of coal a year.

Production of “Pereyaslovskiy” is represented by the following ranks of coal: 2BR, 2BPKO, 2BMSSH, 3BR, 3BPKO, 3BMSSH.