The team of the Kirbinsky section became the winner of the paintball competition

According to the results of the final stage of the corporate league for sports and tactical paintball, the Kirbinsky section team took 4th place in the standings and was awarded a diploma and a cup.

The games of the corporate league for sports and tactical paintball were held from May to September on the territory of the paintball club in Abakan. More than 40 teams representing large industrial, energy and transport enterprises took part in large-scale competitions.

This year, for the first time, the team of the Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal company took part in paintball competitions. It was formed under the leadership of the head of the administrative and economic Department Igor Petrovich Goremykin. The players included young specialists of the section: mining master Kirill Shemyakin, specialist in control of SSM and SVR Artem Sergienko, chief mechanic Denis Kremensky, machinist of Komatsu GD825-A motor grader Nikita Zyryanov, excavator operator Hitachi EX-1900 Konstantin Poroshin. Ivan Shchepilov, the shift supervisor, was unanimously chosen as the team captain.

From the very first game, the team of the Kirbinsky section showed itself well, showing a well-coordinated and effective game. Throughout the season, Kirbinsky’s players won prizes, including the winners of the first stage of the corporate league.

“I think we have presented our company very well at paintball tournaments. Taking prizes at the first stages, we proved to the organizers and other teams that the team of the Kirbinsky section is a serious rival! Many thanks to the management of the company for supporting our team throughout all the tournaments. We plan to continue participating in the corporate league next year and improve our final result,” said Ivan Shchepilov, team captain, shift supervisor of the Kirbinsky section.