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With the support of the “Russian Coal” in the village of Dvurechnoye, a holiday was held for the children of miners

The neighborly relations of the residents of the villages of Dvurechnoye and Pereyaslovka in the Krasnoyarsk Territory are determined not only by territorial proximity (the distance between the villages is less than 6 km), they are connected by professional interest: many residents of both villages work at the Pereyaslovsky coal mine. That is why, another children’s holiday, previously held in the village of Pereyaslovka, now with the support of the company “Russian Coal” was held for the children of miners of the village of Dvurechnoye.

On July 7, on the porch of the village house of culture, the children were greeted by the Sea King Neptune and the Little Mermaid, who told about their underwater palace, the inhabitants of the seas and countless treasures resting on the sandy bottom. They were happy to share some of the riches of their kingdom – colorful pearls, good mood, fun games and generous smiles – at the festival of magic big and small bubbles.

“We really liked the show, thanks to the organizers! I wish there were more such events: we – grandmothers, grandfathers – are getting younger at them!”, – shared her impressions Natalia Nikolaevna Deniskina, grandmother of two charming boys.

And the children shouted loudly and amicably: “We liked everything! Come again!”.


“Amurugol” congratulated creative teams of children of miners of the Amur region on anniversaries

In June, the company “Amurugol”, part of the holding “Russian Coal”, congratulated the choreographic ensemble “Grace” on its twenty-fifth anniversary, as well as the exemplary dance ensemble “Entre” on its twentieth anniversary.

In these teams , 230 talented guys are engaged with .Varvarovka of the Oktyabrsky district of the Amur region, almost all of them are children of employees of “Amurugol”. Both teams are well known not only in the village, but also in the district center, in the region, in Russia and even abroad.

According to Mikhail Evstigneev, director of the Yerkovetsky section, “Entre” and “Grace” – amazing, grandiose and incredible talents. “I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to congratulate these two unique teams on behalf of the miners and on my own behalf,” he says.

As befits people of creativity, dance groups celebrated their anniversaries on stage with bright numbers and to stormy applause.

“Every dance on stage is a separate story, thought out to the smallest detail. The movements, music and costumes are perfectly matched and harmoniously combined together, giving the audience only positive emotions and smiles. The culture of behavior, discipline, love for the small motherland and Russia – all this becomes an integral part of the work of each team. And the achievements are not long in coming,” says the head of the exemplary dance ensemble “Entre” Anna Levshina.

The fate of graduates develops in different ways. Some leave for other lands. Someone stays near their native village. Someone comes to work at the Yerkovetsky section of Amurugol JSC.

“Where does the Motherland begin? For the children of the village of Varvarovka – with love for school, dance ensembles, parents working at a coal enterprise. And they will carry this love through years and distances, and we are creating all conditions for children and workers so that the miners’ village develops,” says Oleg Vedernikov, Director of Amurugol JSC.

“Today the village of Varvarovka is a modern village of coal miners with a population of more than two and a half thousand people. It is pleasant to note that for more than thirty years the company “Amurugol” has been with us, helping, supporting our initiatives. Wonderful conditions have been created in our small village for the development and self-improvement of our children,” said the head of the village of Varvarovka, Sergey Demyanyuk.


With the support of the Russian Coal company, a children’s holiday was held in the Amur region

Russian Coal expands the geography of social partnership projects in the Amur region.

Last weekend , the coal company gave the guys from S.Varvarovka theatrical game program “Happy Childhood planet”. Its participants were waiting for games, surprises, prizes, entertainment, aquagrim and meetings with amazing characters – Mini and Mickey Mouse, the clown Multicolored and unpredictable Shapoklyak.

Children sang songs, danced, played exciting games, made and flew kites, participated in contests and creative studios. The guests of the holiday received a lot of new impressions and sweet gifts.

“Summer is the most wonderful and fun time for me. You can swim, sunbathe and have fun at an event like I visited today. It was so cool to make a kite myself, compete with Shapoklyak and Multicolored, and then get a prize,” said Arina Levchuk, a young resident of Varvarovka.

“Childhood remains in a person’s memory a time of carefree and joyful days, vivid impressions, the first steps to success. What our children’s childhood will be like depends on us. Today, conditions are being created in the village of Varvarovka for obtaining high-quality and affordable education, preserving the health and safety of children’s lives, playing sports and creative self-realization. The priorities of the social policy of the village are to ensure the well–being and comprehensive development of every child,” said Natalia Sogdieva, Deputy director for Educational Work of the Varvarovka secondary school of the village.

“Dear guys! Summer vacation days are waiting for you ahead. Let them be remembered for interesting events, sunny weather and good mood. Do not stop dreaming, set new goals for yourself, believe in yourself and your strength! I wish you good health and as many positive emotions as possible. And for us, adults, do not forget that we are responsible for the happy future of our children, in which there is always a place for smiles, children’s laughter and the fulfillment of a cherished dream! We thank the Russian Coal company for the holiday presented to our children,” the head of the village of Varvarovka, Sergey Demyanyuk, addressed the guests and organizers of the holiday.


Sports victories of the Kirbinsky section

The team of the Kirbinsky section of the Russian Coal company takes an active part in sports competitions that are held within the framework of the XVI Spartakiad of labor collectives of organizations and teams of settlements of the Altai region.

The basketball competition brought the winning first place to the cut team. Also, the workers of the Kirbinsky section confirmed their high skills and took the first place in volleyball competitions. In a stubborn struggle, the team of miners beat the police and pupils of a Comprehensive sports school.

In table tennis competitions, the Kirbinsky section team took the third place. The prize-winning place was brought to the team by the master of drainage Mushrooms Andrey Nikolaevich. In addition, the miners have “silver” in chess and kettlebell lifting, “bronze” in shooting competitions.


In Khakassia, the team of the security organization “SOBR.RU-Khakassia” took the second place in the all-around competition

On March 11, Khakassia hosted the all–around competition among private security organizations (PSOs) of Khakassia “Security – Security 2022”, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the formation of private security activities in Russia.

The team of the private security organization “SOBR.RU-Khakassia”, which provides security services to enterprises of the Russian Coal company in Khakassia.

As the captain of the team and the leading specialist of LLC “CHOO “SOBR told.RU-Khakassia” Mikhail Ivanovich Khrunov, their team took the second team place, losing only to the physical protection team of the management of the Sayanogorsk Aluminum plant.

In the individual championship, all team members also won prizes. Shift supervisor Andrey Zimin took 1st place in kettlebell lifting. Guard Maxim Gromov became the second in the athletics competition. “Bronze” from the leading specialist Mikhail Khrunov in shooting and from the guard Roman Polkovnikov in the competition on the horizontal bar.

Igor Valentinovich Radionov (pictured in the center), the CEO of the private security company of Khakassia, was recognized as the best head of a private security organization in Khakassia by the end of 2021.


With the support of “Russian Coal”, a children’s creativity contest was held in the kindergarten of the village of Pereyaslovka

On the eve of the brightest and most beautiful holiday – International Women’s Day – on March 8, with the support of the Russian Coal company, a mini-exhibition of creative works “My beloved Mother” was organized in the municipal budget preschool educational institution of the Krasnoyarsk Territory “Pereyaslavsky Kindergarten “Minx”. Little Pereyaslavians tried to become great artists and painted portraits of their mothers.

And who said that Gioconda has the most mysterious smile? The most mysterious smile on the face of the most beloved woman in the world – mom!

Each participant of the exhibition received a commemorative certificate, an interesting and bright book, and the kindergarten library was replenished with an encyclopedic publication “History of Russia”.


VIDEO: miners of the Krasnoyarsk Territory received the keys to new cars

According to the results of 2021, the miners of the Krasnoyarsk Territory won in 3 of 6 nominations of the production competition of the company “Russian Coal”. The winners were awarded the keys to new cars.


VIDEO: The best workers were awarded at the Kirbinsky section


The results of the production competitions were summed up at the Kirinsky Section. Employees of the enterprises of the Russian Coal company across the country participated in them, the team from Khakassia was among the winners. The best were marked with expensive gifts. Report by Peter Permyakov.