With the support of Amur Сoal Company, an unusual hockey tournament was held in Raichikhinsk

On February 13, 2022, a hockey match was held between teams of children and employees of JSC “Amur Coal”. The event was organized by the Youth and Sports Department of the city of Raichikhinsk. The initiative was supported by employees of JSC “Amur Coal”. The game was held in the format of “ice hockey on felt boots”, which is gaining momentum throughout the country.

The teams have been preparing all week for the event, which has become a real celebration of sports.

Each team showed good physical fitness. The stubborn struggle ended in a fighting “draw”.


VIDEO: The best Amur miners were given a car

“Амурское областное телевидение”

The car was won by a team from Raychikhinsk, which beat rivals from the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia. 59 tears of various coal mines took part in interregional production competition, which have been held by the Russian Coal company for several years. Anastasia Slesareva talked to the winning crew.


The miners of Amur Coal began 2022 with victories on ice

In January 2022, teams of athletes from Amur Coal won several “golden” victories at tournaments in the Amur region.

At the beginning of the year, a traditional ice hockey blitz tournament among amateur teams was held in the city of Raichikhinsk, Amur region. The tournament was attended by adult and youth teams of JSC “Amurugol” and the team of the border detachment. In a stubborn struggle, the first place was won by the young men of Amur Coal, the border guards were in second place, and the third place was taken by the adult team of Amurugol JSC.

Also in January of this year, an open ice hockey tournament among men’s teams was held in Zavitinsk, Amur region. The tournament was attended by teams from the city of Zavitinsk, the village of Novobureysky and the city of Raichikhinsk. The competitions were held outdoors in twenty-degree frosts, but despite the cold weather, the games turned out to be very hot and spectacular. All the spectators and participants of the tournament received a charge of cheerfulness, positive emotions and good mood. As a result , the seats were distributed in the following order:

1. Team “Amur coal”, Raichikhinsk
2. The team of P. Novobureysky
3. The team of the city of Zavitinsk

Congratulations to the miners of the Amur region on the well-deserved “gold” and wish them new sports victories in 2022.


video: December of good deeds of “Amur coal”

In December 2021, the miners of the Amur region, employees of JSC “Amurugol”, held the already traditional social action “December of Good Deeds”. As part of the campaign, assistance was provided to those who need special care.


The Kirbinsky section congratulated the children of the sponsored village on the New Year

“IA Khakassia”

According to the established tradition, the Kirbinsky section handed over sweet New Year’s gifts to congratulate children of school and preschool age living in the sponsored village of Krasnopolye and the village of Smirnovka. In addition, gifted children from other settlements of the Altai region received New Year’s gifts from the Kirbinsky section.

The coal miners also provided charitable assistance to the Krasnopol House of Culture and helped to purchase artificial fir trees for organizing New Year and Christmas events.

On the eve of the New Year, sweet gifts were also presented to the children of the workers of the Kirbinsky mine.

In total, in 2021, the Kirbinsky section gave 800 sweet New Year’s gifts to children, the press service of the Russian Coal company told.


Amur Coal has joined the “Wish Tree” campaign

“Administration of the city of Raichikhinsk”

A New Year’s fairy tale will become a reality for special children. The guys have written their wishes and hope that they will be fulfilled by adults. Their desires turned out to be very different: educational games, cars on the remote control, soft toys and others. But the main thing is that Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden will not leave them without attention in the New Year.

Without departing from the traditions of social responsibility, the management of the Amur Coal Joint Stock Company (part of the Russian Coal Group of companies) took part in the Christmas Tree of Wishes charity event. It is a great joy to give warmth to a child who is really looking forward to it. The management of the Amur Coal Company is grateful to this project for the opportunity to make someone happy on New Year’s Eve.

– I would like to thank all the organizers of such a kind action. Thanks to the “Wish Tree”, each of us has the opportunity to give care and fulfillment of wishes to those who need them. Miracles do happen, and there will be more of them if there are more responsive people around,” said Oleg Vedernikov, the company’s head.

The CEO of the company, together with his deputies, alternately removed envelopes with cherished dreams of special children from the Christmas tree.

— We are very pleased to participate in the “Wish Tree”. New Year is always a special atmosphere of magic and wonder, and it is the children who are waiting for it most of all. It’s great that we can make the holiday even brighter and fulfill children’s dreams—” said Andrey Onskul, chairman of the trade union organization Rosugleprof.


An updated food point for miners was opened at the Yerkovetsky section

The Russian Coal Company continues the program of modernization of social, household and industrial facilities at coal mining enterprises. In 2021, within the framework of this program, the reconstruction of the Yerkovetsky canteen of JSC “Amurugol”, the company’s asset in the Amur region, was completed. The updated canteen opened for miners on December 22 in the village of Varvarovka.

The new dining room, which meets all the requirements of the SanPiN and additional recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor for public catering facilities, has created the most comfortable conditions for miners, and modern kitchen equipment has been installed.

Investments in the renovation of the dining room amounted to about 12 million rubles, the company said.

Oleg Valeryevich Vedernikov, General Director of JSC “Amurugol”, thanked everyone who took part in the reconstruction of the facility and expressed confidence that the employees of the section will appreciate the new dishes in the renovated dining room.

Now more than 1,600 Amur residents are employed at the coal mining enterprise. Among the social programs operating for the employees of JSC “Amurugol” are providing preferential hot meals, organizing sanatorium treatment, allocating free coal, developing socially significant infrastructure in the localities of presence and other activities.


Young patients of the pediatric department in the city hospital of Raichikhinsk were presented with New Year’s gifts

“Administration of the city of Raichikhinsk”

Ten patients of the city hospital of Raichikhinsk will have to celebrate the New Year in the hospital ward. In order to have a sense of celebration for children who, instead of a homely New Year’s atmosphere, will spend New Year’s Eve in the children’s department, there was still a company “Amurugol” (an asset of the company “Russian Coal” in the Amur region) and the Administration of the city of Raichikhinsk prepared gifts for them.

“Of course, such an action is very important for the recovery of children. Children are admitted to the hospital before the New Year holidays. At a time when they could be at home with their loved ones, they are in the hospital. Such events make it possible to brighten up the everyday life of children in the hospital, cheer them up, which contributes to a speedy recovery,” said Svetlana Konkova, Acting chief physician of the GBU.

The miners wished the little patients who will spend their holidays in the hospital a speedy recovery.