JSC “Russian Coal” celebrated Miner’s day in 4 regions of Russia

In the end of August JSC “Russian Coal” celebrated Miner’s day, which is the main professional holiday of coal mining industry, in all 4 regions, where the company operates.

The workers of “Stepnoy” coal mine in Khakassia region got government and corporate awards. The results of their work in 2015 are really impressing. The reconstruction of railway track for the coal-preparation plant was completed and 2 additional railway tracks were launched. The coal-preparation plant was also upgraded and modernized with new equipment.

In Amur region Miner’s day was traditionally celebrated with professional and sports competitions. Employees of the company took part in volleyball, tennis and chess games. More than 30% of the company’s staff in this region supports these sport activities. The professional competition was held among electric and gas welders, locksmiths, electricians, wrappers, machine operators and foundry experts. The winners of the competitions were solemnly awarded.

Mines of JSC “Russian Coal” in Kemerovo region from the beginning of 2015 produced 583 000 tons of coal which is 3% more than planned volume. The miners of Kemerovo also got government and corporate awards.

In Krasnoyarsk region Miner’s day celebrated with a big concert and fireworks. The biggest festival was held at coal mine “Pereyaslovskiy”, the staff of which consists of 721 people. “Pereyaslovskiy” is proud to have 5 labor dynasties and 10 holders of the Order of Glory Miner (the most famous and important professional award) in its team. All the workers came to the celebration with their families and friends.


In the first half of 2015 JSC “Russian Coal” increased production volumes by 15%

In the first half of 2015 JSC “Russian Coal” mined 6 698 thousand tons of coal, which is 15% more than in the first half of 2014. Most coal was mined in Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia regions. The leaders in terms of growth turned out to be Krasnoyarsk and Amur regions that had increased production volumes by 30% and 13%.

The volume of coal shipments grew by 18% to 6 198 thousand tons. The volume of export increased by 42% meanwhile deliveries to the domestic market turned to be 14% more than in the first half of 2014. 30% more coal was delivered to power companies while shipment for municipal utilities was cut by 18%.

The production of JSC “Russian Coal” was exported to Poland, China, South Korea, Japan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia and other countries.

In 2015 company plans to mine more than 14 million tons of coal and continue stable development, based on acquisition of new coal assets together with increasing efficiency of the existing production and efficient presence in the global capital markets.


Coal mining in Amur region is developing steadily

13th July 2015 CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” Bilan Uzhakhov had a meeting with the authorities of Amur region and discussed the prospects of coal mining development in Amur. Both government and company representatives came to agreement that coal industry of the region will continue to develop efficiently.

Mr. Uzhakhov said that coal stockpile in Amur region will be enough for more than 200 years of mining. Near Erkovetskiy coal mine, explored coal stockpile of which is 150 million tons, shift camp soon will be build. This project would make working conditions there more comfortable.

Coal mining is the leading industry of Amur that keeps unemployment rate in the region at a very low mark. CEO of JSC “Russian Coal” stated that the company doesn’t plan to make any workers redundant. Now 1 726 people work for the company there and till 2020 the staff will grow to 1 750 employees.

JSC “Russian Coal” plans to make production in Amur region more effective. For that purpose equipment of the coal mines will be upgraded and technological transport will be renewed.

The Governor of Amur Mr. Kozlov said that in his opinion cooperation of JSC “Russian Coal” with the region has positive results. “The level of coal consumption by Amur power companies and municipal utilities continues to grow. Coal mining industry is very important for us. It gives us stable energy sources as well as workplaces”, – he said.


In 2014 JSC “Russian Coal” produced 8, 46 million tons of coal

15% рост производительности труда в карьерах Компании Русский Уголь

In 2014 JSC “Russian Coal” maintained high level of efficiency: about 8, 46 million tons of coal, which is 2, 35% of all coal mined in Russia, was produced. 7 484 thousand tons of coal was shipped to customers. 1,67 million tons of coal was exported.

30% of production sold in Russia was for housing and utilities needs and 70% for the needs of power companies.

Despite difficult economic situation 2014 was a successful year for JSC “Russian Coal”, having positive influence on production capacity and market opportunities. Company continued to develop steadily, which lead to the growth of main operating highlights.

Now JSC “Russian Coal” plans to continue growth of production and sales despite current economic situation. The main target of the company for 2015 is to provide stable and long-term competitiveness for the production and to develop efficient export strategy.


Equipment of “Stepnoy” coal mine is going to be upgraded

Плановое обновление оборудования на разрезе “Степной”

Modern equipment guarantees the high quality of mining work and excellent results of production. Considering that and following new technical trends JSC “Russian Coal” is upgrading the equipment of “Stepnoy” coal mine to make miners’ work easier and more resultative.

Coal mine “Stepnoy”, which is situated in the Republic of Khakassia, started to operate in 1993. 7 coal seams are located on the left bank of the Yenisei river, near the estuary of the Abakan river. Production capacity of the mine is 5 million tons per year.

Among the technical equipment of the coal mine are dragline and hydraulic excavators as well as different kinds of trucks. The upgrade of equipment will increase efficiency of mining and improve product quality, which will influence on competitiveness of the company in a positive way.

In 2011 an enriching factory was put into operation of “Stepnoy” coal mine. In 2014 the factory processed 3.2 million tons of raw coal and produced 2.4 million tons of high-quality coal. Running its own factory allowed the company to reach a new level of development and significantly increase production volumes.