Russian Coal increased coal production in the Krasnoyarsk Territory by 6% in 9 months of 2022

Russian Coal Company’s Sayano–Partizansky section located in the Krasnoyarsk Territory produced 988 thousand tons of coal-fired thermal coal in January- September 2022. This is 6% higher than the volume of production for 9 months of 2021, which amounted to 931 thousand tons of fuel.

Russian Coal reported that fuel production at the Sayano-Partizansky section is ahead of schedule.

The Sayano-Partizansky section produces high-calorie energy coal of the “G” and “DG” brands. Fuel is extracted in an open way, working off the reserves of the Sayano-Partizansky coal deposit. The company employs about 360 residents of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Gas coal is one of the universal brands of solid fuel. It belongs to the energy, but it can also be used to get coke. Sayano-Guerrilla thermal coal is in demand not only in Russia, but also abroad – in the Asia-Pacific region. The main export product of the Sayano-Partizansky mine is GOMSSH coal. The caloric content of fuel reaches 6500 calories per kilogram.

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program to expand and upgrade the equipment park of the Sayano-Partizansky mine. In 2022, the company’s park of excavator and bulldozer equipment expanded. The renewal of the equipment park of the section is aimed, among other things, at further growth of production capacities, the company explained.