Russian Coal implements automation programs for production processes in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

In the 2nd quarter of 2022, a modern domestic automated accounting system “1C:ERP Mining Industry” was introduced at the Sayano-Partizansky section (an asset of the Russian Coal company in the Krasnoyarsk Territory). The program is designed for complex automation of operational, managerial and warehouse accounting, as well as enterprise activity planning.

“The ERP production and management process automation project has been successfully operating at the Kirbinsky section in Khakassia for two years. The result of automation was a significant improvement in the quality of technological processes and improvement of the quality of enterprise management. In the future, we plan to implement the system at other enterprises of the holding,” comments Sergey Chernov, Director of the Information Technology Department of the Russian Coal company.

Thanks to ERP, the efficiency of sales management, logistics, repairs and operation of mining equipment has increased, and the efficiency of obtaining up-to-date data allows real-time monitoring of production processes, fuel processing and management of finished products: warehousing, transportation, sale of coal.

Also, a new automated satellite monitoring system “Vialon” has been introduced at the Sayano-Partizansky section. It provides control over the operation of large-sized tires of dump trucks, preventing increased wear, downtime and equipment breakdowns. The program makes it possible to monitor the main operational parameters in real time, receive notifications of the slightest deviations and generate the necessary reports. This makes it possible to prevent emergency situations and, thus, significantly increase the efficiency and safety of production processes.