“Amurugol” organized a field performance for the wards of the orphanage “Chance”

It is a good tradition of JSC “Amurugol” to arrange holidays for the pupils of the orphanage “Chance”. This time, an off-site interactive show performance was organized as a gift.

The actors of the visiting theater presented to the children an interactive performance “Visiting a fairy tale” with song and dance competitions. The children also took an active part in interactive games based on various book stories about famous heroes: flying on the core of Baron Munchausen, Teremok, Baba Yaga in a mortar, turnip and much more.

“The children were imbued with the atmosphere of the holiday. They watched with interest and participated in the theatrical program themselves, received a lot of gifts and positive emotions,” said Svetlana Koroleva, director of the RCSSU “Chance”.

At the end of the theatrical program, a surprise was prepared for children – a master class on modeling figures from balls.

We add that “The Raichikhinsky Center for assistance to the family arrangement of children left without parental care, training and support of substitute families “Chance” and “Amur Coal” are long–standing partners. Coal miners support the sponsored organization and help in the implementation of social projects. On the eve of the Miner’s Day, the guys congratulated their bosses on their professional holiday, and the miners conducted a tour of the coal enterprise for the young guests.

You can watch a video greeting from the pupils of the RCSSU “Chance” by following the link: