Coal mine “Stepnoy” produced 50 millionth ton of coal

November 16, 2015 coal mine “Stepnoy” which is part of JSC “Russian Coal” produced 50 millionth ton of coal. Coal mine “Stepnoy” is situated in Khakassia region. Is started to operate in 1993 and produces D-rank coal which is in high demand both in Russia and abroad.

From the beginning of 2015 “Stepnoy” produced 3.3 million tons of coal. Production capacity of the mine is 5 million tons per year. In 2014 “Stepnoy” produced 4 million tons of coal and in the short term the increase of production to 5 million tons is planned.

All produced on the mine coal is planned to process at the coal refining plant of “Stepnoy”. From the beginning of 2015 the plant produced 2.8 million tons of coal. In 2016 production capacity of the plant will be increased to 4.2 million tons.

At “Stepnoy” combined development system is applied. In mining operations 15 dragline excavators including hydraulic excavators HITACHI, 35 dump trucks BelAZ and 12 bulldozers are used. In 2015 technological transport system of “Stepnoy” was updated. 3 new dump trucks and a bulldozer were bought. In 2016 it is planned to buy new hydraulic excavators and dump trucks for the mine.

Production of “Stepnoy” is used by municipal utilities and power generating companies as well as exported to Poland, Baltic States, Turkey and China. In 2016 after the modernization of refining plant JSC “Russian coal” plans to increase the share of exported coal to 60%. In 2015 the share of export from coal mine “Stepnoy” will be 40%.

General Manager of coal mine “Stepnoy” Nikolai Zibarev congratulated the staff with the production of the 50 millionth ton of coal. “I am proud to be in the team of high professionals and sure enough that in future we will have new mining records”, he said.