In 2020, Russian Coal supplied energy coal for the needs of 16 RFV 2020 power plants.

In 2020, the Russian Coal company supplied 5.2 million tons of hard and brown coal for the needs of 16 power plants of the Russian Federation. Among the consumers of this fuel are such large generating companies as DGK, OGK-2, SGK, TGK-1, TGK-2 and others.

Power plants are shipped coal of the “D” and “DG” grades from the Stepnaya and Kirbinsky sections in Khakassia, Sayano-Partizansky in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, as well as brown coal of the “2B” and “3B” grades from the Pereyaslovsky sections in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Erkovetsky and and North-East in the Amur region.

“We have long and strong partnerships with many generating companies. Timely supply of coal for the needs of large generation is one of the priorities of our company’s commercial policy. In the future, we plan to maintain close interaction with this segment of consumers, while pursuing the most flexible pricing policy and a high level of customer orientation. We always try to meet the generating companies halfway, including in ensuring operational and large unscheduled fuel supplies during the heating season, “the Russian Coal company’s commercial service explained.