Kirbinskiy coal mine became part of Russian Coal Group

In July 2019, Kirbinskiy coal mine became part of the Russian Coal Group. Kirbinskiy coal mine is situated at Beiskiy coalfield of the Khakassia region, Siberia, Russia. The mine was put into operation and produced its first ton of coal in 2018. And by the end of 2019 more than 1.3 million tons of coal was produced at Kirbinskiy mine. Balance reserves of the mine exceed 350 million tons of coal.

At Kirbinskiy coal mine steam D-rank coal with the calorific value of 5 500 – 6 000 kcal/kilo is produced. Kirbinskiy coal is shipped to the domestic market of Russia and exported to Europe and Asia. Over 200 people work at the mine.

Due to the high quality of Kirbinskiy coal and high demand on it Russian Coal Group plans to increase production in 2020 to over 2 million tons of coal per year.

Now Russian Coal Group is investing in supplying the Kirbinskiy coal mine with the new mining equipment. New hydraulic excavators, dump cars and loaders are bought to further increase in production capacity of the mine. In prospect, it is planned to increase annual production volume to 4 million tons of coal and if the market conditions become favorable, production capacity can be increased to 8 million tons and coal refining plant can be built.

The expansion of production will lead to the creation of new jobs for the residents of Khakassia and growth of tax payments to the regional budget, said the spokesperson of the Russian Coal Group. He mentioned that social responsibility is a high priority for the Russian Coal Group. Therefore the company will continue various social and charity projects in Khakassia region. High attention will be paid to the implementation of ecological programs, environmental protection programs and industrial safety.