Coal mine “Stepnoy”


In 1993 the mine “Stepnoy” started to operate in the coalfield “Chernogorskiy” of Minusinsk coal basin. Coalfield “Chernogorskiy” is located on the left bank of the Yenisei river, near the estuary of the Abakan river. According to the administrative division, it is a part of Ust-Abakan district of the Republic of Khakassia, Russian Federation. The mine “Stepnoy” produces D-rank coal and has 7 coal seams within its boundaries.

At “Stepnoy” combined development system is applied. In mining operations the following machinery is used: dragline excavators with a bucket capacity of 10 to 20 m3 shovels with a bucket capacity of 5 to 15 m3, hydraulic excavator HITACHI EX-1900 with a bucket capacity of 12 m3. As technological transport dump trucks BelAZ are used with carrying capacity of 130 and 55 tons.

Production capacity of the mine is 5 million tons per year.

Production of “Stepnoy” is represented by the following ranks of coal: DPK, DOM, DOMSSH, DSSH, DR.

In 2008, the company organized and put into operation coal laboratory in order to quickly analyze the quality of coal products. Quality control of products is carried out by experts of the technical control all the way from a coalface to the boxcar.