Russian Coal launched high-tech mine water treatment facilities in Khakassia

In Khakassia, at the Kirbinsky coal mineof the Russian Coal company, fully automated treatment facilities were comissioned by using the innovative Dyclar technology, which cleans quarry waters to the standards of fishing and economic reservoirs. The volume of investments amounted to about 500 million rubles.
In 2021-2024, Russian Coal will invest more than 7 billion rubles in the development of a coal mine.
The company pays special attention to the implementation of environmental programs and the preservation of the historical and cultural heritage of Khakassia: it finances the creation of the reserve “Lakes of the Koibal Steppe”, conducts environmental actions and environmental protection measures in the region. As part of the restoration of aquatic biological resources, over 75 thousand graylings were released into the Abakan River. The company finances archaeological excavations on the territory of the Kirbinsky section, the investment volume is 92 million rubles.