“Russian Coal” told about the development of production in the Amur Region

Russian Coal continues to implement an investment program for the development of production and technical re-equipment of coal mining enterprises in the Amur Region.

New mining equipment enters the Erkovetsky section. Recently, the fleet of equipment of the enterprise has been replenished with 6 bulldozers of domestic and imported production, 2 loaders, 3 hydraulic excavators. In addition, the enterprise received the Ural dump truck for the repair service and Ural – a workshop, three shift automobiles, a PAZ bus and three UAZ cars.

The expansion and modernization of the fleet of mining and auxiliary equipment directly affected the efficiency of production processes:the idle time of wagons has decreased, the condition of technological roads has improved, and the efficiency of logistics for the delivery of personnel to the workplace and for the repair of mining transport equipment has increased.

The new technique is used, among other things, for proper operation of quarry drainage and advanced drainage of rock masses due to water-lowering wells, due to which the quality of Erkovets brown coal is improved.

To combat watering on the section, advanced water-lowering wells are used. They intercept most of the water going through the rocks in the bottoms. There are 220 such wells. In addition, there is a permanent pit drain, which is provided by 24 pumps.

“This year, at the beginning of each of the four entry trenches, it is planned to install sumps with powerful pumps used earlier to pump inundated water. In the summer, they will intercept water going into the bottoms from the day’s surface, which will preserve the quality characteristics of the fuel shipped to consumers, “the representative of the enterprise explained.

The systematic renewal of equipment and the growth of production capacities of the Yerkovetsky section makes it possible to create new jobs. Comfortable conditions for workers to live in the new watch complex for miners, located in the village of Varvarovka, Oktyabrsky District, Amur Region, in the immediate vicinity of the coal mining enterprise.