Russian Coal will create a digital model of the Kirbinsky section using a UAV

Russian Coal is developing the introduction of industrial UAVs into surveying operations. A new drone has been successfully tested at the Kirbinsky section in Khakassia. The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is designed to perform surveying, aerial photography and create a digital terrain model. Specialists of the geological surveying service and the Information Technology department have received special training to work with the equipment.

To conduct aerial photography at the Kirbinsky section, the Russian Coal company purchased an unmanned aerial vehicle for vertical take-off and landing FIXAR 007. The maximum route length for one flight is up to 60 km, the operating time is up to 60 minutes, the flight range is up to 25 km. The UAV is equipped with an upgraded SONY A6000 digital camera and a special satellite GNSS receiver.

“The set of this equipment provides not only high-quality aerial photographs, but also the exact coordinates of the territory being filmed, which can later be used to obtain a digital terrain model and make orthophotoplans. FIXAR 007 is simple and reliable as industrial quadrocopters, fast and efficient as an airplane,” said Alexander Serebryakov, chief surveyor of LLC “Kirbinsky Section”.

According to experts, the use of FIXAR 007 for aerial photography will significantly increase the productivity of the geological surveying service of the enterprise, which will allow solving more tasks in the same period of time.