Sayano-Partizanskiy coal mine increases production

Sayano-Partizanskiy coal mine which is the part of Russian Coal Group increased production from 500 thousand t to 700 thousand t of coal. This mine is the only in Krasnoyarsk territory where high-quality and high-caloric coal (about 6500 kcal) is produced. Specifications of this coal make it suitable for all international standards of power sector as well as of housing and utilities. 70% of its production is exported to Europe and Asia-Pacific countries.

In 2015 600 thousand t of coal was mined at Sayano-Partizanskiy and in 2016 production volume will reach 700 thousand t. Russian Coal Group plans to increase production capacity of the mine to 3 million t of coal per year. To reach this target new coal layouts are explored and developed and the project of coal refining plant is created.

Now more than 220 people work at Sayano-Partizanskiy coal mine. Car park of the mine consists of tippers belaz, komatsu and Volvo. Mining equipment includes hydraulic and electric excavators, bulldozers and wheel loaders.

This year Sayano-Partizanskiy coal mine will get more new mining equipment including excavators, loaders and sorting complexes.

In 2015 all Russian Coal Group coal mines in Krasnoyarsk territory produced 5.9 million t of coal which is 15% more than in 2014.