In 2020, Russian Coal increased its coal shipments by 16%. It was supplied to 57 regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2020, Russian Coal increased shipments of coal to Russian and foreign consumers by 16% to 6.07 million tons. In 2019, the volume of shipments by the company of this type of fuel amounted to 5.22 million tons.

Stone energy coal of grades “D,” “G” and “DG” is mined on the Stepa and Kirbinsky sections in Khakassia, as well as Sayano-Partizansky in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

In 2020, Russian Coal products were exported to the countries of the Asia-Pacific region: China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and European states.

In 2020, stone energy coal was also supplied to the domestic market – in 57 regions of the Russian Federation, including 17 regions of the Far North and territories equated to them. “Among the consumers of Siberian coal are 6 federal structures, as well as 8 power plants,” the press service of the Russian Coal company said.

In 2021, Russian Coal plans to increase the production capacity of enterprises producing coal in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Khakassia, as well as increase the volume of shipments of this type of fuel. Demand for Siberian coal remains stably high both on the domestic and international market, the company explained.